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  1. marriedman

    ThermoWorks probes - alternative/compatible brands?

    I'm hoping that someone has already discovered this and can share info. I really like my ThermoWorks Signals, but their probes tend to be fragile. I don't know if it the kinks in the wires or water somehow getting into the insides when I clean them, but they don't last for more than about a...
  2. Daz

    made some 8' long wire meat probes 100k ohm

    Hi all, Have had folks asking for these long wire probes for their XL smokers, finally we got time to get some made. I'm here trying to figure out besides iGrill and Thermopro what are other popular thermometer brands out there that also uses 100k ohm probes (igrill, thermapro and bbqube) Thanks!
  3. Brisketandbutts

    Probe Port

    hello everyone, I’m getting a custom 54 inch reverse flow smoker being built for me. It is a reverse flow smoker with two slide out shelfs. I was wondering how many probe ports do you think I should have in it. I was planning on 4, one on each side of the smoker for each shelf. Is that too...
  4. beef_chief

    Help: What temp do I trust

    Currently smoking my first racks of pork spare ribs on my Weber performer kettle. It has a therm on the lid, and I’ve got two probes near the grate. My probes are reading 225, but the lid is reading 400. I figure I should just trust the probes but maybe the best thing is to average the two temps...
  5. trillo15

    ThermoPro TP-08 Probe Issues

    Good Evening, I purchased the TP-08 on Amazon last summer as an upgrade from the cheap digital thermometers that I had before. I use my smoker probably about once a week/two weeks. I have found that I am having repeated probe issues, especially with the smaller BBQ probe, and have had to...