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  1. xray

    Spicy Bloody Mary Pickled Eggs

    The other day @Steve H posted a brine recipe using v8. I wondered if a Bloody Mary style brine could be made using his idea as inspiration. Here is what I came up with: Bloody Mary Brine: 1.5c White vinegar 1c Spicy V8 2T Prepared horseradish 1.5T Celery seed 1T Worcestershire...
  2. S

    Spicy Frog Balls!

    Fresher the better but any will do. This takes about 4-6 months fyi. I trim the stem and peel off any damaged leaves, usually just the outside. Next, dust with sea salt and let it sit for a few hours. I save the "juice" that sweats out then use to mix up a salt brine. I usually add a healthy...
  3. link

    Mustard eggs and Kielbasa

    Was not sure where to put this so I thought this was a good spot. October 1st is coming and for me that means two things: 1. My sons birthday (going to be 21 this year) 2. Opening day of bow season (Deer hunting). You can see the dilemma I have had (We have celebrated many birthdays before or...