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  1. SmokinAl


    Well I started this project on June 6th. And today it finally lost 25% of it's weight, which is the recommended weight loss. Actually anywhere between 15% to 25% depending how fatty the belly is. I went with the longer time even though my belly was pretty fat. Sorry guys, but I didn't take any...
  2. Dafish13

    Umai Pancetta - Should have made BACON

    So after about 2 months the first of my 2 pancettas, the flat, lost 27% of its weight. I pulled it out and sliced it in half. It looks like bacon and unfortunately tastes like raw bacon. Since it looks like bacon I fried it like bacon and wow, it tastes great. I have concluded that pancetta...
  3. Saline_Smoker

    Buckboard Pancetta

    As of late, it'd seemed like more was going into the larder than coming out. Well, finally today this buckboard pancetta was ready for the block at 19.2% weight loss (close enough for me, we always fry it up anyway). This one came off a store-bought pork shoulder and had a really nice, fully...
  4. theyankeesmoker


    So I took on a task of making pancetta. After hours of reading into different techniques, I challenged myself. I form a standard cure with cure #2, just in case I was willing to risk botulism. I got a 5lb pork belly, vacuum sealed with the cure flipping everyday. After 7 days, I wrapped the baby...