old smokey

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  1. Electric Rookie

    How to get bark or heavy smoke flavor on Old Smokey Electric Unit?

    Newbie here. I just purchased an Old Smokey electric smoker. There are no vents or air flow. I smoked a butt at 225 for 11 hours. Wrapped it around 170 in foil. Threw it in a cooler once the temp hit 203. Is it possible to get a good bark or a heavy smoke flavor on this device? The meat was...
  2. TxwrightxT

    Pork butt on the Old Smokey

    Well I’m back at it this week! Trying out a pork butt today. Hopefully I’ll have some delicious pulled pork for dinner tonight! Does it matter what you run in your drip pans? I’ve been using beer cause there’s no shortage of that while I’m out here lol.