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  1. J

    Mold on bark only

    I know nobody is probably going to be able to tell me for 100% certain here, but just figured I’d ask for see what the opinion is. I just recently got a bunch of red oak (willow oak specifically) from a neighbor whose tree fell in a storm. Lots of rain for a few days before I could get to it to...
  2. GrumpyGriller

    Cut, Toss, or Keep As-Is?

    So I pulled this out of the bag yesterday and patted it dry. It went uncovered in the fridge to form the pellicle. It looks fine except for the white stuff on the one jagged edge. Was going to smoke it overnight, but? Thoughts and suggestions?
  3. S

    Bad or good white mold? (Photo attached)

    Hi These cured sausages are 3 weeks old, I did a 12 hour fermentation as I wasn't going to be about for a while. They have been kept in a homemade arduino based curing cabinet. Which keeps the humidity between 65-80% and temp between 12-15c. All temperatures and humidity's are logged on my...
  4. smoothbiker

    Avoid humidity to avoid mold

    Hello. I'm originally from Arizona and that's where I started to smoke meats and learned and progressed. Obviously a very dry climate. I've since moved to southern Ohio and where I live it is a very very humid/moist area. I need to buy or build a new smoker for myself. Originally I had...
  5. smokeaholic502

    MES 30 bad mold

    Not sure if this thing is worth keeping. What do yall think? It's been sitting for over a year.
  6. hillbilly69

    Any hope for my MES40 or should it be trashed?

    Sometimes there are just no words. I am almost embarrassed to post these pictures of my neglected MES40 but I was hoping for input on how my smoker can be saved, if possible, or whether it should be thrown in the trash heap. Yesterday I spent several hours scrubbing away residue from inside of...