masterbuilt propane smoker

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  1. S

    Preventing Grease Fires in Vertical Smoker?

    Smoked chickens in a vertical propane smoker, took one off and it poured grease straight onto the bottom of the smoker; caught fire almost immediately. Luckily noticed it happened, disconnected everything, and choked the fire off. Avoided burning down the house. Does anyone have suggestions on...
  2. G

    Should I keep my Masterbuilt Dual Fuel?

    Over the past few months I have gotten the itch to buy myself a smoker since we just moved to a new house. After reading Aaron Franklin’s book I really got excited about the romance of smoking with wood only and not using alternative sources such as coal or propane. That being said, after...
  3. smokechump

    Please help me choose a 2-door smoker

    Hi I currently have a 1-door smoker, and I hate it because smoke/temp is lost when I open the door. I am considering few options. Few considerations: 1)I want a big(ger) smoker box, ideally 2)I would prefer to stay away from glass windows. I don't think it's important to look at meat, but the...
  4. S

    Auto-Temperature Control MPS

    I have a 2 rack Sportsman Elite MPS that I have added a BBQGuys gasket and a Bayou Classic 10 psi needle valve regulator. Are there any auto regulating thermostats that can be used for this type of smoker? Not to be lazy but it would be awesome if I can use probe temps and feed that to a...
  5. S

    First Overnight for the 4th

    I decided to do my first overnight brisket to get ready for the 4th. It started as a 15# packer that I trimmed up and rubbed with coarse pepper and kosher salt. In it went at 9:30 pm with Hickory smoke between 265-280 measured right below the meat. The goal was 275 but I just couldn't hold that...
  6. S

    Where to put my brisket?

    I have an MPS with two racks. I am doing a packer brisket for the 4th. Which rack do I put it on? I also plan on doing some ribs either after the brisket is done or toward the end. Can I Add the ribs in at the end on the other rack?
  7. Stankpigeon

    Low temp setting on Masterbuilt dual fuel

    Hey Guys, just recently got a Masterbuilt dual fuel vertical smoker. I am lovin it so far and now of course I am looking for ways to mod it to make it even better. I came across this video on youtube about achieving low temps on this unit and I wanted to put it to you guys to tell me if you...
  8. whiteysnapple

    Rookie Smoker

    So I used my smoker I received as a gift for the first time a couple weeks ago (Masterbuild - Propane) I don't really know what i'm doing outside of reading manuals and instructions. I soaked my woochips for about 6 hours before i started and they burned up in now time. Are you supposed to keep...
  9. S

    Protective Mat Needed?

    I received a MPS for Christmas and am finally going to use it. I plan to use it in my asphalt driveway. With my grill on my deck I have one of these to protect the deck: Do I need...

    Propane smoker - SMOKE QUALITY - Tips to achieve good/clean smoke

    Hello Smoky Friends, I was hoping some of you could impart a little wisdom around your methods to achieving clean, consistent smoke with your propane smokers. I have a Masterbuilt 40' XL - have done pretty much every mod imaginable and am of the mindset that a smoldering wood chunk in my cast...
  11. trillo15

    Couple Questions with a Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker

    Hey Everyone, Just a quick couple questions. I have a Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker, and it has been a learning curve for sure. The only mods that I have done is adding a cast iron pan for the chips (sits on top of the old one) and I currently have it wrapped in reflextec insulation (its...