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  1. nkpal624

    Pork Belly with Mustard & Vinegar Sauce

    I took my first stab at a BBQ pork belly today in my MES. It took about four hours in the smoker to reach 160° at a smoker temperature that hovered between 225° and 250°. I used a 4 pound pork belly and scored it on both sides before applying a simple pork rub. Here is the rub: -2 tbsp of...
  2. nkpal624

    Scotch Eggs & Armadillo Eggs

    Today I am trying a couple of appetizers/small plates out on my new MES 130b. This is the first time I have attempted either of these and it's the first time on the new smoker so we will hope all goes well. The scotch eggs are simply hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sweet italian sausage. Next...
  3. nkpal624

    Finding wood for smoking in Mass.

    Hey everyone, For my smokes over the summer I have been buying seasoned wood chunks from Lowe's but those small bags can get expensive when you have to buy them for every smoke. Does anyone know where I can get a 1/4 cord or 1/2 cord of good wood for smoking in eastern Mass. or southern New...
  4. nkpal624

    New Member from Massachusetts

    Hey Everyone, I just joined the forums today to learn from all of the experiences smokers and find new ideas. I started smoking meats on a cheap offset smoker early this past summer and love the whole process. I place on making some simple modifications to my smoker this weekend to help keep...
  5. L

    NSF Certified Smokers

    I am looking to start a catering business in MA. I was just informed by the local Health Board that they will only grant certification and licensing for the business if I am using a NSF certified smoker. I am hoping to find a fairly large unit on a trailer that is NSF certified. I thought I...