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  1. DrewJ

    "Mailbox" mod question

    Hey All! I have been wanting to add a mailbox type of device to my MES 30 for a while now. I have had a few ideas from building my own out of wood to hacking up a perfectly good tool box I have that doesn't see much use. Today at work I came across an old cash box that might just do the trick...
  2. McCann519

    First Time Cheese - Smoked, Rested, Still Not Good...Advice?

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice. I tried smoking cheese for the first time over the holidays between Christmas and New Years. I used my MES with the mailbox MOD and AMNPS with cookinpellets perfect blend pellets. I smoked half the batch for 3...
  3. McCann519

    Holiday Smoking Fun with Q View

    Well the holidays are over and so are my recent smoking adventures. I was able to try some new things to smoke, as well as mod my MES with the mailbox mod and AMNPS. I am still slacking on getting pictures at different stages but got a couple throughout different smokes. Christmas Eve, had a...
  4. B

    Question on MailBox mod

    Hi, New to the forum but have lurked for a while. Great site. I was planning on doing the mailbox mod to my smoker but when I went to look at mailboxes I noticed that all the metal ones said "Galvanized Steel". I've always heard that galvanized metal and cooking/heat do NOT go together. Are...
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