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  1. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    Getting better bark in mailbox modded MES30

    Any tips for getting better bark in an MES30 with mailbox mod and AMNPS? I've done 4 rib cooks and 1 pork butt, and i'm having trouble getting consistent bark without skipping a wrap stage. For instance, the ribs I made yesterday were on the smoke for 6 hours straight, no wrap. The bark was...
  2. scrumtiousruckingBBQ

    More NO in mailbox modded MES30 w/AMNPS

    Goodmorning everyone, I've dug around the site for a bit now and have found a lot of discussion around the topic but nothing directly answers my question: how do you effectively increase NO production in a mailbox modded electric smoker with AMNPS? I am being a stubborn idealist and refuse to...
  3. Lonzinomaker

    Big Chief with mailbox mod for cold smoking

    I used to have a MES30 with mailbox mod that I used for cold smoking cheese, bacon and lonzino. But I gave it to a friend when I got a Smokin-It #3. Tried to use the #3 for cold smoking, but it is to well insulated and I want to keep it stock, so don't want to modify. The Bella smoke generator...
  4. stringman

    Thoughts & Ideas on making a smoker cabinet using a wine cooler (long post)

    Hi Guys Its been a while since i last posted. At the moment i have a simple small cold smoker. Small fire box with maze pellet smoker linked to a 3ft x4ft wooden smoking chamber. It works well but, like everyone the summer temperatures can make it tricky. So i thought i would have a go at...
  5. C

    Getting TBS with sawdust in pellet tube

    Looks like I have one last cold snap coming through and have 8 pounds of cheese for my second attempt at a cold smoke. I've been following all the great advice here all week in my prep work! I made a mailbox mod for my MES and turned my apple wood pellets into dust, even ran them through an old...
  6. Murray

    My Mailbox Mod

    Most of this mod. is from salvage, have about $20 invested. The 4” dryer vent and 4”-3” reducer were purchased new. Please excuse the red high temperature silicone as a door seal, next trip to the dump I’ll grab some high heat door seal from a stove and fix that mess. I went with a 4” exhaust...
  7. McCann519

    Holiday Smoking Fun with Q View

    Well the holidays are over and so are my recent smoking adventures. I was able to try some new things to smoke, as well as mod my MES with the mailbox mod and AMNPS. I am still slacking on getting pictures at different stages but got a couple throughout different smokes. Christmas Eve, had a...