low carb

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  1. browneyesvictim

    Sugar Free Baby Backs- a la Keto-R-Us!

    Proof that smoked meats can be KETO FREINDLY! A modified TulsaJeffs rub on two of the ribs and simple SPOG on the third. Lakanto golden brown monkfruit sweetener is subbed for the brown sugar. These went on a rib rack on the kettle with RO Ridge and chunks of hickory and maple. Temps at 235-250...
  2. S

    Low car/keto - Substituting erythritol for sugar?

    Has anyone tried substituting erythritol for brown sugar in some of the rub, brine or burnt ends recipes? I use erythritol in many other recipes but am not sure how it would work during brining or smoking processes.
  3. hunter rose

    My wife stole my rub! Turkey Meatballs... low carb

    My wife stole my rub! She made her healthy style meatballs with half 99% Extra Lean Ground Turkey and half 96% Lean Ground Beef. She mixed in carrots, zucchini, pork rinds (lower carb binder) and my beef rub. Delicious and low carb. She also said they are only 1 WW Freestyle point each.