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  1. tallbm

    Eden Dry Black Soybeans

    Many of us do low carb or keto and have discovered the wonders of Black Soybeans being prepared the same way you would prepare pinto beans or black beans. Since the pandemic though, there has been an issue that the supply of black soybeans has been spotty at best. Well I took a chance and found...
  2. browneyesvictim

    Sugar Free Baby Backs- a la Keto-R-Us!

    Proof that smoked meats can be KETO FREINDLY! A modified TulsaJeffs rub on two of the ribs and simple SPOG on the third. Lakanto golden brown monkfruit sweetener is subbed for the brown sugar. These went on a rib rack on the kettle with RO Ridge and chunks of hickory and maple. Temps at 235-250...
  3. B

    First smoked ribs off the offset smoker

    As a late birthday present to myself, I bought a Char-Griller Texas Trio. Propane grill, charcoal grill, offset smoker. I am really happy with it because of its flexibility. The grate (quoted as 548sq in) is plenty big enough for 2 entire racks of spare ribs to lie flat. How I prepared the...
  4. D


    Keto Beef Wellington Recipe How to make keto Beef Wellington recipe? This recipe is delicious. Because keto is a food, there is a very healthy and sufficient protein ratio. Ingredients 2 Beef steaks cut in half 1 tbs. Butter 8 fl. oz Ground Mozzarella Cheese 4.5 oz. Almond flour 4 tbs. Liver...
  5. BoilerBBQ

    First (and second) Keto Smoke

    I've been on the Keto diet for a few weeks now and grilling food fits into the diet very well, but this weekend was my first chance to smoke some "diet" food. I had family coming to town, so I decided to do an overnight pork butt. My normal rub is a secret recipe from my former volunteer fire...