italian sausages hot; italian sausages

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  1. radioguy

    Sausage Mix Review A.C. Leggs Sweet Italian Blend 101

    Here is a quick review of A.C. Leggs Sweet Italian Blend 101. I was wanting to try something different for an Italian sweet sausage. Amazon is so convenient since we have a large warehouse nearby. We had 22 pounds of trimmed pork shoulders. I mixed the seasoning in based upon the proper...
  2. SonnyE

    Don't slug me in the arm but...

    ...I don't have the stuff to make my own. So I grabbed a package of Italian Sausages Hot. Thought I'd do them in my MES 30. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. They are fresh, so thought I'd run them through the smoker. Only a pound, 5 sausages. But hey... should be great!