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  1. brandonthompson

    Is this unit suitable for a smoker??

    I recently started on this build and ran a smoke course through it last night. Through some pellets on a pan and set on burner. Temp held well around 180-200 but as pellets got hotter was more around 220 I noticed the panels at the end start bowing a little but wondering more about the...
  2. S

    Insulating year-round?

    Hey all. New guy here. Been lurking a couple of days and figured it was time to join the commentary. I'll ask my question first and then give some more info for those who don't want to read my life story below... is there any benefit/harm to insulating your smoker year-round instead of only...
  3. C

    Feedback needed

    Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum but I have been checking it out for a while. I live in South Louisiana where everything we cook has some sort of smoked meat in it! I decided I want to start making my own sausage and Tasso so i started on my own smoke house. I went off of a few designs that...
  4. K

    Rec Tec Stampede Cold Weather Questions

    Hello, my first post! Yeah! Been a long time reader! Quick question. If Rec Tec "Doesn't" make an insulated cover for the Stampede. What are you guys using on your Stampedes during the winter? How many pounds an hour does the Stampede use in say 20 degree temps? I smoke/grill year round. I've...
  5. SLYates

    Hello from Shawnee OK

    I received my first smoker as a Father’s Day gift this year. It’s a MES 40 and I love it. Most of my smokes have been amazing. A few not so good. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. I know I would not have had such good luck with my smokes without Thank...