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  1. Odie Oskarsson

    Frozen goose, planning on curing and defrosting in my Smoker, should i light it?

    So, a friend gifted me a goose that he shot last weekend that he threw undressed into the freezer, I plucked it today and chopped the head off and hung it in my cold smoker to thaw and hopefully drain, its hanging out in the low 30s around here right now (above freezing) I plan on curing all of...
  2. C

    Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hey there! I'm super excited to be making goose jerky today. I have the meat marinading in the fridge since Wednesday night. I am using a vertical charcoal smoker for only the second time ever. I made goose jerky once last summer and it turned out really good. I only wish I had documented...
  3. meatallica

    Realtree cured & smoked goose

    Finished curing and will be smoking a couple goose breasts for my nephew. Anyone have any experience with hanging the goose breast breasts in cheese cloth after smoking? Realtree recipe calls for hanging 7-10 days between 40-60°. We'll have those temperatures here in DE for the next 10 days...
  4. B

    Goose Pastrami

    Hey All, Was looking for something new to try to use up some goose breasts from this season. Decided on trying some pastrami and it turned out great so I figured I would share. I did 6 breasts and the proportions listed below for both the cure and the rub were pretty much spot on. Cure...