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  1. L

    What model GMG is this?

    Inherited this smoker from my father-in-law a couple months ago. I know it's a Green Mountain Grill brand, and it looks like an old version of their Daniel Boon. It doesn't have any digital display or anything and I'm trying to find out what exactly the modes do. Smoke, Medium, and High. I mean...
  2. H

    GMG Daniel Boone temp issues

    Hey guys, my buddy bought the above mentioned pellet smoker yesterday. We set it up and did the initial burning but there starts the problem. We got the temp up to 150F and started to increase the temp to 310F but it started to drop. So basically it won't start refilling pellets and keeps...
  3. P

    GMG Daniel Boone Prime Wi-Fi Constant Issues

    Hi everyone, New here from Edmonton, AB, Canada. Got a GMG Daniel Boone Prime WiFi in June. Overall I have been happy with it when it performs, but feel I have a lot of issues. Issues I have: 1) Lately it has heated up way past set point. Going to 375 when set at 325. Today going to 240...
  4. edward36

    Apple cider beef shorties on the GMG Jim Bowie - absolute treat

    Hi guys, Apple cider and beef short ribs... Never thought it's gonna be that good! Very simple method - 2 hours open smoke, 2 house in a foil pan with apple cider, wrapped, and 30 min rest. Had this very nice rack of 3 ribs. Sprinkled it with a rub from my local supplier - we call it...
  5. edward36

    Featured Beer can chicken - yet again!

    Hi guys, Long time since I've posted anything here, very long time ... So here's a beer can chicken, which to be honest is not quite a beer can one, but rather a beer ceramic base. This base you can get on Amazon for about 20$, and then just use your favourite liquid in there - beer, apple...
  6. BlacksBbqMke

    Pellet Grill Purchase Help

    Hello Forum: So I’m looking to add to my collection. I’d been searching the web for a nice sized grill, with WiFi capabilities. My search has led me to my somewhat final of a list. My main point of interest is maintaining consistent temps across the cooking areas. Price isn’t an issue as my...
  7. brucec

    GMG Daniel Boone issues

    My wife bought me a Daniel Boone back in 2015 because they were considered one of the better pellet smokers. This model came with WIFI, which I didn't think was a big deal until I used it. It's definitely a nice add-on, but has never really worked well on mine, even with good strong wifi...
  8. shipwama

    9lb Butt on Pellet grill

    Well some of my girlfriends friends asked me to smoke some delicious stuff for them. Picked up a 9lb Butt. Got it all rubbed and will toss on the GMG Pellet smoker at around 2AM hope to eat at 6pm(tell me is i meed to go earlier) Can't wait
  9. T

    Brisket stalled at 145 for 12 hours

    I am a bit new to smoking, have done a few smokes and still struggling with timing. Started a 4 lb brisket last night around 11:PM, was cold out of the fridge and I dry brined it for 30 min, applied some molasses and rub and popped in my GMG daniel boone at 150 for about a 30-60 min before...
  10. brucec

    Foil grease tray on GMG Daniel Boone?

    The only thing I don't really like about my GMG Daniel Boone pellet smoker is cleaning off the cast iron grease tray. Maple syrup drippings in particular can become so melded onto the tray that I can't even scrape it off with a steel putty knife. I tried laying some foil on it the last time I...
  11. D

    Prime Rib on GMG

    Hey all! I’ve been coming here for tips on and off for awhile but finally registered so I can comment. I recently purchased a Green Mountain Grill and upgraded from my chest type. I’m picking up my Prime cut bone in Prime Rib tomorrow-7lb cut and tied and injected. This will be my first prime...
  12. acemakr

    Green Mountain Jim Bowie

    Heading out to North Texas BBQ in Denison, TX in a bit to brave the Black Friday crowds. Looking for a second Jim Bowie, this time with WiFi. The corporate discount is just too good to pass up.