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gmg daniel boone

  1. BBQBakas

    Here's my issue with pellet smokers

    Just smoked a 20 lb. brisket on GMG Daniel Boone. Members of this community have helped me learn techniques and things to watch out for. One of the best bits of advice was to get an Inkbird wifi thermometer so I know what the actual temp is inside my cook chamber. The 20 pounder was started...
  2. smokingpigfoods

    English Muffin Burgers

    Mixed the burgers with smoked Gouda, grated red onion, Worcestershire powder, Montreal seasoning and an egg. Pressed them out and put in the fridge to form up for a bit while I went to the store to get buns. They were out of the Hawaiian buns but had sourdough English muffins, so why not...
  3. cnaranjo14

    Have GMG wifi? Don't use it?

    I have a GMG DB non-wifi. I've seen on FB and other forums that people with wifi models don't even use the wifi. I want it, but dont want to pay GMG the $130 or whatever for the controller. I was wondering if anyone had a wifi model that didn't use it, was willing to swap. Im in California, but...
  4. H

    GMG Daniel Boone temp issues

    Hey guys, my buddy bought the above mentioned pellet smoker yesterday. We set it up and did the initial burning but there starts the problem. We got the temp up to 150F and started to increase the temp to 310F but it started to drop. So basically it won't start refilling pellets and keeps...
  5. P

    GMG Daniel Boone Prime Wi-Fi Constant Issues

    Hi everyone, New here from Edmonton, AB, Canada. Got a GMG Daniel Boone Prime WiFi in June. Overall I have been happy with it when it performs, but feel I have a lot of issues. Issues I have: 1) Lately it has heated up way past set point. Going to 375 when set at 325. Today going to 240...
  6. cyclonefan

    Gmg - pizza attachment - storage suggestions?

    Helllo, I recently bought the pizza attachment for my gmg Daniel Boone pellet cooker. I have been very impressed with the pizzas cooked on it so far. As the attachment requires removing grates and heat shield, I'm wondering if anyone has found a tote or something to store the attachment when not...
  7. brucec

    GMG Daniel Boone issues

    My wife bought me a Daniel Boone back in 2015 because they were considered one of the better pellet smokers. This model came with WIFI, which I didn't think was a big deal until I used it. It's definitely a nice add-on, but has never really worked well on mine, even with good strong wifi...
  8. Javaaman

    Gaining Confidence!

    Second go-round with ribs. Tried St. Louis this time instead of baby backs. Two racks, one wrapped after 5 hrs, left the other one "naked". The wrapped rib (one hr) had Parkay, brown sugar and honey. Uncovered the wrapped rib and let both finish off for about a half hour (did cover both with...
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