food safety?

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  1. D

    White dots on freshly made bacon. Is this normal or safe?

    My second time making bacon from scratch. If just pulled it out of the baby and has these small white dots on it. Is this normal or safe to eat?
  2. D

    First timer curing bacon. Have I used too much cure? Help needed

    I have recently prepared some pork belly(1.9kg) with a pre made bacon cure(Misty Valley Maple Bacon Cure). Part of the meat was feeling soft so I ended up adding 10g more cure to it. The instructions on the bacon cure is 40g per kg. In total, I have added 90g of cure To 1.9kg pork. The bacon...
  3. ebbtide3673

    Summer Sausage Food Safety Question

    Hello! I'm fairly new to sausage making and making a 25# batch of Venison Summer Sausage. While making, I mixed the spices in cure into 1/2 the batch, then loaded into the stuffer, stuffed in casings and returned to fridge I then took the 2nd half of the batch of the fridge to repeat the same...
  4. S

    Leftover apple core/ cherry pitts and stalks

    I want to use some apple cores that are leftover from eating them, to try and smoke some pork. I also have cherry pits and stalks that I want to use for smoking. I know the inside of cherry pits contains a little bit of cyanide, but it's not a dangerous amount. Knowing that, I feel like using...
  5. J

    Safe to eat? Kinda freaking here.

    Hello all, quick question here. I have two 8lb butts that I threw on smoker yesterday. Smoked for about 4 hrs before pulling off and putting in oven at 225. Started smoking at 11am, pulled off and put in over at 3pm. I had a party to attend and that's why they went in the oven. Got home from...