first time

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  1. thunderdoom

    First time with Pellet Smoker, first time smoking multiple pieces. First time with a large crowd of just adults. Some Questions!

    So I'm gearing up for a large bachelor party. The largest Boston Butt I've done has been probably 12/13 pounds. I figure for 20 grown men all around 30-40 years old I'm looking at 17 pounds of meat. (figuring 40% meat loss through smoking, 1/2 pound per person). Also, this event is pretty far...
  2. reformedvegan

    Help me with my first pork butt?

    First time with a real long cook on a big piece of meat. I got a 9 lb. pork butt at the store yesterday. I'm planning to serve it at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow. I plan to cook this on my Pit Boss 700s. My understanding is: mustard and cover w/rub let rest in fridge for 12 hours fill pellet cooker...
  3. rrrowsdower

    First time smoking Brisket!

    Ok, actually my 2nd time. First time I was impatient and cooked it in an hour at high heat. It probably goes without saying I ended up throwing that away. Lessons learned... So this time I came into it with a bit more knowledge and a valuable tip from a co-worker I never knew about which I'm...
  4. Thomt01

    Long-Time reader, First-Time Caller.

    Hello All, and greetings from the PNW! Been reading threads on here for over a year, but this is my first time posting anything. A little bit about me- I'm originally from Iowa, where I worked as a butcher while I made my way through college. That was my first experience smoking where we...
  5. A

    24×60" offset build

    Hey this is my first ever post not really sure what's I'm doing . I am building a 24" by 60" offset looking for advice on door size and placement. Planning on two doors as it is 1/2" steel so very hwavt
  6. T

    First time smoking

    This weekend is my birthday and first one in my own home so I decided to smoke a brisket. I will be using a charcoal grill and be using the snake method. Now I was only able to order a 7 pound brisket so hopefully that will work since everywhere I look says 10-12 pounds. Any tips or tricks...
  7. S

    First Time Smoke

    I was planning on Christening my new smoker with a brisket this weekend but would it be better to start with something else. I have never smoked before but brisket doesn't seem that difficult from reading but I am sure you all may have a different opinion.
  8. L

    Curing vs Pre-Season New Electric Smoker

    Hello, I have a brand new Electric Smoker (Aldi Brand Range Master). Looking at the manual it tells me I need to Pre-Season and Also Cure before first use, however the instructions are slightly different for both and I am not sure what to follow 1. Pre-Season A. Water bowl in place no water...
  9. mdmucf

    First brisket - help

    So I have a master built jams gas vertical smoker that I have had for the past 4 Years. I love brisket but have always been leery of trying it for fear of screwing it up. Our local butcher had it on sale this weekend and I thought it’s time to conquer it but not wanting to spend a ton of...
  10. B

    smoking pulled pork/slow cooking combo

    Hey guys im just getting into the smoking world and loving it. Just looking for opinions on a few things...I'm having about 25 people over for a friends 30th bday on Saturday at 430pm. I offered to make pulled pork for everybody. It's my first time doing a pork butt. I bought 5 pork butts about...