first cook

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  1. C

    Maiden rack of ribs

    Just did my first cook on my GMG Peak, 4hrs at 225. Had them bone side down for the first two then wrapped with fresh maple syrup & brown sugar meat side down then open the foil up for the last hour to keep the juices in and little bbq sauce.
  2. N

    First cooking attempt

    I just got my smoker, a Smoke Vault 18, so I had to try something. After reading dozens of recipes i decided an easy low cost meat would be a chicken. A major frustration I had was in reading all the recipes was there seems to not be a way to specify the smoke attributes used in the recipe...
  3. S

    First time smoker

    Guys hello from India!!! This is my first time smoking meats. I managed to fabricate an offset from an old barrel. And did my first cook a few days back. Used jackfruit wood Chunk's for it was we don't easily get hard wood chunks around. I am a bit confused on how to go about it. Would be...
  4. B

    Finally got a smoker

    After weeks of using a smoke box on my Weber, I finally got a smoker. I went with the Rec Tec 340. Breaking her in today with a pork butt!
  5. OlympicSmoke

    I bought an 18 lbs brisket. Help!

    Recently bought a pellet smoker and was looking to use it for the first time this Sunday (I have fired it up to prime the auger and season the grill). Hard to find brisket, but wife found a monster 18 pounder at Costco. Can I separate the top and cook just that? Can I freeze the other half and...
  6. HarleySmoker417

    First Cook Video

    finally got the First Cook Video edited and uploaded.