dry curing

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  1. indaswamp

    Culatello 2023!

    Well, it's the third week of October, that means it's Culatello time! I Bought 2 30# legs so the Culatello this year are nice sized with a great fat layer! They weigh 5600g. and 4800g.... The fat layer... Removing the bone... Fiocco di Culatello on the right, Culatello on the left. I used...
  2. C

    Dry Curing Question: soft spot on ham

    Hello all, New to the forum and curing meats! I've been dry curing my first country ham since the start of June. I used a standard recipe I found from a few sources (scaled down for the size of my ham): 3.2 lbs of kosher salt, 0.8 lbs of brown sugar, 0.16 lbs of black pepper, 0.16 lbs red...
  3. MJB05615

    Pastrami Dry Cured From Brisket

    First, let me thank @SmokinAl for all of his help, advice and patience guiding me through this 1st time Dry Curing. All went well. Here's pics and descriptions. 2 weeks ago Dry curing 5.5lb Prime Brisket Flat seperated from a whole packer. Point was enjoyed earlier, I'll post that one...
  4. SmokinAl


    Well after doing several projects with the UMAi bags & casings. I decided to take it to the next level. So I bought a small beverage cooler, a humidifier, a computer fan, and a temp/humidity controller. I also had an independent temp & humidity gauge that I put in the chamber, sort of a backup...