dry aging

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  1. Daba's BBQ

    How long to dry age?

    I picked up a few dozen dry age kits from The Sausage Maker. Yesterday, I placed 3 ribeyes in one and a top eye round roast in another. I followed the instruction and tied them both. Is there an optimum period of time to keep them refrigerated before opening and serving? I am heading out on...
  2. C

    DIY Proscuitto Help

    Last fall I butchered some home raised hogs and I wanted to take a stab at proscuitto. I took the advice/tips from this video Fast forward to today and this is how my aging is going: I'm wondering if the mold on there is normal or if it's something I should worry about and/or possibly throw...
  3. K

    Dry aging DIY

    Hey, first post. Glad I stumbled across these forums, looks like theres quite a bit of information here but I'm interested to hear your thoughts. I've set up a mini fridge for dry aging. Has a thermometer, humidity sensor, UV light and a fan for air circulation. Humidity can be controlled...
  4. C

    First time dry ageing!

    Hi all! My name is Charlie, reaching out for help from down under, Australia. I am trying to dry age for my first time, i bought the DryAgingBags and a vacuum sealer but for some reason the vacuum doesn't suck 100% of the air out of the bag, there's still gaps. after trying multiple times and...