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  1. B

    Horse jerky

    Does anyone here have experience with making horse meat jerky in a dehydrator? Also spice/marinade recommendations would be very much appreciated. Best regards, Rune, Denmark
  2. A

    New to jerky

    Hi everyone I am typing on the cell phone so sorry for punctuation or lack of. I know this is a smoking meat forum but at the moment I do not have the means to be able to try smoking my jerky but I just buy a dehydrator and I was hoping someone could help me with the problem of my beef jerky...
  3. J

    Rehydrate again at a later date

    Hey guys, So I purchased the Nesco snack-master dehydrater on Amazon and made an amazing marinade that my eye of round soaked in for 24 hours. I stuck it in the dehydrater and 2 hours in the dehydrater seized and was unable to turn back on. With that being said, I packed up my...
  4. perseycat

    Smoking Meat for Jerky!

    So I wanted to attempt to make jerky for the first time. I was going to make it for my dad who lives in Hawaii and I wanted to do a flavor profile that isn't typical of Hawaii (you know like teriyaki jerky.) So I have decided to do some sort of smoked jerky without using liquid smoke. I really...