curing chamber

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  1. B

    Project prep for curing chamber

    Hey Everyone, New to the forum and have been gradually getting more and more into smoking and curing over the last year. I just purchased my first home up in NH and have a big two door garage with space that I would like to put a curing chamber in. I found a cheap upright freezer on craigslist...
  2. A

    Air flow in curing chamber

    Hi All New to the forum and to curing(not cured anything yet). I recently got a fridge to try my hand at building a curing chamber. I understand the basics and have read quite a bit of the information out there. I have a temperature and humidity control (InkBird)with a humidifier and a...
  3. 5moker

    Made a curing chamber out of an old fridge - trouble?

    The freezer compartment condenses into the chamber below - has anyone turned an old, over/under style fridge into a curing chamber and had this same problem? Or any ideas on how to cure (haha) this problem?
  4. SmokinAl


    Well after doing several projects with the UMAi bags & casings. I decided to take it to the next level. So I bought a small beverage cooler, a humidifier, a computer fan, and a temp/humidity controller. I also had an independent temp & humidity gauge that I put in the chamber, sort of a backup...
  5. daveomak

    Calculating fan air speed for your curing chamber....

    Air Speed Air speed is a factor that helps remove moisture and stale air, and of course it influences drying. Sausages will dry faster at higher temperatures, but in order to prevent the growth of bacteria, drying must be performed at lower levels, generally between 59-53º F, 15-12º C. The speed...
  6. coolkayaker

    Hello from BrewCity... Milwaukee, WI

    So I've actually been a member for over a year but never really dove into the site like I should have. I just recently started getting back into my meat and wanted to offer a kind hello to all of you. I have been reading a lot of posts lately on making snack sticks. My background is fresh...