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  1. J

    Is this typical of electric smokers?

    Hello, I just converted my Weber Smokey Mountain to electric. I have an old Ranco controller that I used for home brewing (max 220F). Right now I only plan to use for sausage, so that shouldnt be an issue. Is it typical for electric smokers to cycle this widely? The controller is set to a 1...
  2. R

    Mastercraft Circuit Board Wiring Help Needed!

    I have a MES 140G bluetooth electric smoker. The Control panel is not working. I have been working with Masterbuilt, but not getting the answers. The controller is not available from them to get it replaced or from ANYWHERE! Since I bought it used, they can't give me my money back. Here is...
  3. tastetester

    Controller Questions for my Fridge Smoker

    Hey all, Long time, no smoke around here. I'm trying to revive my fridge conversion that I made a few years back and the thermostat is shot. So I need a new controller. What I'm wondering about are controllers that you can set time programs in. Do you find it really handy, or no? I have a...
  4. Daz

    made some 8' long wire meat probes 100k ohm

    Hi all, Have had folks asking for these long wire probes for their XL smokers, finally we got time to get some made. I'm here trying to figure out besides iGrill and Thermopro what are other popular thermometer brands out there that also uses 100k ohm probes (igrill, thermapro and bbqube) Thanks!
  5. Daz

    Aloha from the beautiful island of Oahu

    Hi all, my name is Daz and I live in Honolulu. I stumbled upon this forum on google search. In the state of hawaii we love smoking! So 4 years ago I bought my first Akorn 22" Kamado, totally messed up my first cook, jumped on google, found, and everything else is history. I ended...
  6. Y

    Help Me Decide Between PID Controllers

    Hi All, I have a Traeger Pro 34 and have way too many temp fluctuations and occasional flame outs when cooking at 180F. I am strongly considering getting a new PID controller to avoid the temp fluctuations and allow for auto relight if necessary, but can't decide which would be best. Hoping...
  7. daveomak

    Smoked pork neck bones and baby lima bean soup... SCR for temp control..

    It's cold and I love beans and smoked pork soups.... Since I found out about these SCR's (silicon controlled rectifier) I have multi purposed many cooking utensils... electric fry pans... deep fryers... smokers... and immersion blenders do very well when they are tamed down... all in the...
  8. c9belayer

    For Sale: Masterbuilt 40 Controller $30

    This is a Masterbuilt 40 Model 20070311 Controller Assembly. It came off a new unit that I hard-wired for a PID Controller. I figure this could be of some help to anyone with a burned out Masterbuilt Controller. It's worth something like $60 new but for half that, it's yours, plus shipping of...
  9. banjo

    Temp/Time Charts: P0 - P7 for my Pit-Boss 820D

    Note: Charts with corrected time scale have been uploaded; they are two comments down from this entry. Note: no meat on racks during these tests. Note: Charts at bottom of this post. Note: If anyone is interested in the raw data, let me know and I'll upload to my blog site. It's about 11 Meg...
  10. U

    Fireboard or Flame Boss controller?

    Hi I am quite new to the forum and am jn the market for a controller I have narrowed it down to two items based on availabilty and some research fellow smokers what do you recommend for a controller? Fireboard with additional controller cable and added varible speed fan(purchased extra) it also...