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cold smoked

  1. saltysandman

    Cold smoked salmon

    Hi all, I'm attempting for the first time a cold smoked salmon in my MES30 here in south Florida. It's a balmy 80 degrees. Ive frozen a block of ice to keep in the smoker to keep my temps down and of course not using the heating element. Ive turned the unit on to monitor temps and set to 35 so...
  2. I

    MiniMax Smokehouse

    Here it is, my modest urban smokehouse that uses a MiniMax Green Egg as a fire pit. I had a heck of a time making it work how I wanted it to, went through 3 redesigns but now it finally works like a charm. Why green egg? I wanted something portable, reliable/predictable and requiring little...
  3. R

    Cold smoke venison jerky

    Going through the steps to make sure my ground venison/cure/seasoning combo is mixed thoroughly and cured overnight could I cold smoke the jerky strips for a few hours before throwing them in the dehydrator? Reason why I ask is I only have access to a cold smoker and a dehydrator. I usually just...
  4. Rings Я Us

    TQ Bacon

    A nice 2 inch (mostly) thick, 10.5 lb. belly with skin off, was the subject of my recent cold smoking project. $3.59 per lb. isn't too bad I guess. Got 3 good sized pieces I figured would be nice to hang in the wide body. I used 1 Tbs of brown sugar and Morton's TQ per lb. I used another...
  5. GaryHibbert

    First Attempt At Bacon

    First Attempt At Bacon Well, the weather is nice and cool and, because of the wet weather I’m not working, so I decided it was time to dive into the freezer and thaw out half a belly from our pig. It’s BACON TIME!! After thawing the belly I cut it into 4 manageable pieces that would fit...
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