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  1. cansmoke

    Chorizo flavoured burgers.

    Last time using the grill until spring so figured do a "crowd (of 3)" favourite. I put a mix of herbs and seasonings into ground pork. [smoked paprika, red pepper flakes, mexican oregano, garlic, onion & black pepper] We first made up "potato chips" My wife thin sliced a potato [thickness of a...
  2. B

    New guy looking for some tips

    Hey guys: Happy to be here. My name is Joe. Been smoking and grilling for a couple decades now, and I need advice for a new venture I'd like to conquer. Just bought myself an upright smoker, chiefly to smoke chorizo from an old family recipe I have. It's a 38-inch square chamber, propane...
  3. Cj7851

    Featured Smoked queso

    Been wanting to make some smoked queso for a while and finally got around to it the other day. I ended up throwing in a few cayenne and Hungarian wax peppers out of the garden. Talk about delicious this stuff was so simple but stupid good. It was also even better the next day after it sat...
  4. S

    Cold Smoking

    Hi all I’ve been hot smoking for a while but want to try my hand at making charcuterie by dry curing and cold smoking. I’m hoping to get some guidance on: 1) a good book of tried and tested charcuterie recipes 2) any thoughts on cold smoking dry cured chorizo as part of the aging process...
  5. T

    Greetings from the mid-west

    Hello everyone, looking for anyone who has any info on how to make chorizos from the eastern part of Spain. I'm in my mid 60's and would love to recapture the old Spanish chorizo my grandfather used to make and sell at the local Spanish Society when I was much younger. It seems that over the...
  6. disco

    Huevo de Armadillo

    First, I didn't know which forum to post this in. They are appetizers that have stuffed jalapenos like ABTs but aren't an ABT. The main ingredient is Chorizo which is pork and a sausage. Sigh. I chose this forum and if I am wrong, please feel free to move it as appropriate and chastise me as...
  7. sfclene

    Non-Wrapped ABT's with Qview

    Hello everyone, Last weekend I was at the store and saw a pack of Hungarian Peppers that I couldn't pass up. Got home with them and decided they needed to be stuffed with sausage and cheese and smoked up in my new toy.... a Traeger Pro 22. Made these two ways. 1. Pepper...
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