brine questions

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    Wet brining chicken before smoking them?

    I recently made chicken halves on a WSM. I coated them in olive oil, used a dry rub, and cooked them at 160 C / 320 F, with oak wood. In the last 15 min I basted them with sweet baby rays honey sauce. While the skin was not crispy they still tasted good. I would describe them as a sticky...
  2. G

    Too much Curing Salt?

    So, 1st time trying and I may have read too many recipes. I have a 12lb brisket. Made the brine with a little over a gallon of water and used like 8 teaspoons of pink curing salt. Realized about 3 hours later, meat already soaking, that it may be too much. Emptied it and started over using 2 1/2...
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    Brining time question

    Hi I have a boneless fresh half of pork leg that invoked out and I’m brining it for Easter. I used pops brine and it said 3-4 weeks but after re reading it, it said for whole hams, I was curious as is this is too long and if it is how long should I bribe it? I also injected it rather thoroughly.
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    I've never burned before

    I'm going to smoke a turkey for a family in need but they've requested no added salt in their food due to dietary restrictions. First of all, should I just not brine it? Secondly, can I brine it for added tenderness and moisture and rinse it off thoroughly and not leave added salt?