big green egg

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  1. slimc

    BBQ Rack of Lamb with video

    Hey everyone, I cooked my first rack of lamb and it came out amazing! Check out the video of you're interested! Rack of Lamb and wings on big green egg
  2. Misplaced Nebraskan

    Memorial Day Weekend Brisket on the BGE (couple pics haha)

    First, a couple huge thanks to @tx smoker ! He was able to get us some briskets in from Piedmontese Beef. They have a great selection and are an amazing breed. Really enjoy doing these! Then, Robert twisted my arm and sold me on his Big Green Egg XL. Not only that, but when I went to grab...
  3. thirdeye

    SV Tri-Tip With Little Green Egg Finish

    Yesterday our snow storm let up and I had a 2# tri-tip in the fridge, and decided sous vide would be the ticket. I seasoned the roast with Montreal Steak seasoning, about 2 teaspoons of crushed garlic, and two pats of butter. I used a 133° water bath temperature (which is my favorite steak...
  4. P

    Turkey skin problems

    Hello this is my first post on the forums and was wondering if anyone can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong with my smoked turkey. I was following Malcom Reids older turkey recipe the only modification is the injection I use. I’m smoking on a bge large no water pan 300 degrees according to...
  5. CSR

    Spare Rib Saturday

    Had a couple racks of spare ribs that I bought on a sale a while back for $1.49/lb. Have a home project I'll be working on this afternoon so I figured why not get something on early this morning and have it for a mid afternoon meal. Trimmed the ends and the flap, but left the tips on the rack...
  6. slimc

    Baby Back ribs with video

    Check out my video for my latest cook baby back ribs, jeffs rub, pecan on my big green egg my cooker spiked for the last 1/2 hr so they finished sooner than anticipated, but tasted great!
  7. Doug Pickering

    Competition Trailer For sale

    Custom made BBQ Trailer for Sale. Features a Pitmaker Magnum Sniper with fully insulated firebox. Three slide out racks with tuning plate. 2 large storage areas with stainless prep tables attached at the top. Also equipped with a large BGE. Trailer was re-furbished by Pitmaker in 2016 with new...
  8. B

    Porterhouse steak on the BGE

    We have company coming in a few weeks and I'm thinking of doing some Porterhouse steaks on the Big Green Egg. I haven't found much on this subject so thought I'd throw out an idea and see what sticks. I'm thinking of using a similar technique to the one on smoking and reverse searing the...