beef bacon

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  1. D

    Wagyo Brisket and Wagyu Beef Belly-AMEX card be damned

    I have been searching for beef belly to try my hand at beef bacon and found a site with Wagyu beef belly and brisket. Given the market has treated me well in August I went for it. I always like to go big on the first game of the season so figured that would be a good time for the brisket...
  2. SmokinAl

    My turn at BEEF Bacon!

    Well thanks to our old friend Robert @tx smoker I have a nice piece of beef belly, CPB of course. I cut the piece in half & used bacon calculator for the cure. This is how it came. Out of the plastic. Cut it in half, and into the bags with the cure for...
  3. cluckinchicken6

    Beef bacon

    I had acquired beef navel from the local butcher it is 2.5 to 3 inches thick with a large fat cap I dry cured using Morton’s tender quick and have left it in the cure for 5 weeks is this too long I know I usually do a 14 day for 2” bellies. I’d this meat salvageable or should I chunk it in the trash
  4. thirdeye

    Cowboy Bacon ~ 12 and 12

    In my neck of the woods pork bellies are very hard to find so I picked up a Prime brisket from Sam's Club and cured the flat. My ratios were 1.7% salt, 1% sugar and 0.25% Cure #1. The only seasoning was black pepper. This was cured and turned daily for 12 days, rested 18 hours and cold smoked...
  5. Brokenhandle

    Two bacons and brisket

    Was time for more bacon, but gonna change it up a pork bacon, beef bacon, and a brisket! Start with the pork, cured with tenderquick following @Bearcarver method cold smoked with pitmasters choice pellets. Belly going in Time for some tbs... Had about 8 hours of smoke, time...
  6. mark in the pit

    Beef Bacon from Beef Rib on Oklahoma Joe Offset Smoker

    Beef Bacon from Beef Rib on Oklahoma Joe Offset Smoker Ingredients: Beef Rib (The thicker the better) Brine Brine: 3 Tbsp Salt 1/3 Cup Sugar 2 Tbsp Pepper 2 Tsp Paprika 1 Tsp Pink Salt Method: Thoroughly mix all ingredients for the brine. Remove bones from the beef rib. Rub brine all over...