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  1. wo44

    pizza question

    I keep hearing about folks smoking pizza and how delicious it is --- they all sound incredible and it time to try but I keep seeing different temps and also wondering if you cook the dough a little first or just throw the whole thing in at once - also straight on the grill or a cast iron pan or...
  2. wo44

    How many pounds of ribs or cases to feed 250 people

    that's gonna be one full smoker Good luck and show us the pics
  3. wo44

    Vacuum Sealed Brisket

    Looks great Rookie question -- how do you reheat it -- in hot water???
  4. wo44

    I done did it

    That's one sexy smoker.
  5. wo44

    Smoked meatloaf Saturday

    Looks great - I have t make another one since my parents love meatloaf - - my wife and kids not so much (kids get that from her side) I like to add a little salsa into the mix to add a little bit extra - delicious
  6. wo44

    Brisket for breakfast

    Did you eat that all in one sitting??? My oh my that looks incredible --- you're not going to find that at IHOP
  7. wo44

    Meat slicer

    That's some nights fine bacon there
  8. wo44

    Costco Packer with Burnt Ends

    Looks good so far --- waiting for the money shots   The Costco by me doesn't always have whole packers which can make things difficult
  9. wo44

    Smoked Meatloaf for the 1st time!

    Good luck - I'm goings for min first meatloaf this week Post the q-view
  10. wo44

    got my first point resting

    Thanks again guys - I have to say that it is always a pleasure to go on this site as there are so many helpful, kind people here.  I'm still new to smoking and to this site - and when ever I go to make something I search for recipes, techniques, advice and even PM people(al).  Never once have I...
  11. wo44

    got my first point resting

    Thanks guys --- there was some left that I'm going to make a sandwich out of today -----if the wife doesn't get to first since ill be out of the house for a bit. Can someone explain to me about what seemed like a second stall --- like I stated above when the IT hit 198 then dropped down slowly...
  12. wo44

    got my first point resting

    All done - after cueing - some rub - BBQ sauce - back into smoker while I roasted some brussle sprouts and cauliflower and of course some baked beans.  Turned out great even though I would have liked to keep them in another 20 min half hour but the wife and kids said "its time daddy"
  13. KARENSPRO - WIN_20160904_184344.JPG

    KARENSPRO - WIN_20160904_184344.JPG

  14. wo44

    got my first point resting

    All cubed up and ready for a little rub and sauce and smoke
  15. KARENSPRO - WIN_20160904_174011.JPG

    KARENSPRO - WIN_20160904_174011.JPG

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