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    My New Weber 22 Kettle

    Everyone's webers are looking awesome in here. I got a char-griller premium kettle and really like it, so after some research I wanted a weber. Now I have 4 that I bought for 60 bucks off Craigslist. Have 2 of them cleaned up, bout to order stainless steel ash sweepers from weber part number is...
  2. Walchit

    Pork Shots

    I did a couple small loins(Maybe just meat glued pork, Idk) and pork shots. Used jalapeno cheddar brats, Colby jack, cream cheese and a fresh ring of jalapeno. They were amazing! Thanks for the idea.
  3. Walchit

    Pork Shots

    Well I did like them! I need to go to the store, I gotta smoke something today. Bout to look up moinks myself
  4. Walchit

    Sad Day Around Here

    Sorry man! I lost mine on Christmas eve, got a new one a few weeks ago from my friend, an older retired female, only had her a couple weeks and she ate a sheet I through in the doghouse. We were only gone 2 hours. Then later that night she started acting weird. Turns out she had bloat, and had...
  5. Walchit

    WTB: Pitboss/pellet grill Controller

    Think he meant for the op
  6. Walchit

    Sponsored Giveaway for Inkbird Waterproof Bluetooth BBQ thermometer IBT-4XP with 4 probes

    I'm in the USA. Thanks for the opportunity. Here is some pork I made for my daughters birthday party. I'm new to smoking. Using a fancy expert grill thermometer for the time being lol
  7. Walchit

    Analog masterbuilt cold smoker build

    I just put pellets in. I wasn't gonna smoke anything, just seeing if it worked, but I couldn't help myself. Lol. I need to get racks for this thing too.
  8. Walchit

    Analog masterbuilt cold smoker build

    So I got everything test fit together and loaded the oval tube with 50/50 hickory and apple. Let it smoke for a while then whent a head and stuck a block of Colby Jack in there. I need to build a smokestack for the top. I juat put a 3in hole dead center up top and the smoke comes in in the...
  9. Walchit

    Beef - Corned Beef and Pastrami

    I need to get a garage fridge! Would love to make my own pastrami, yours looks really good.
  10. Walchit

    New AMNTS Oval tube will burn Dave's Coarse Pellet Dust

    I have a small heat gun I use for putting shrink bands on my hot sauce! Not sure it would do it though. Is there a reason the heat gun is better than a torch?
  11. Walchit

    New AMNTS Oval tube will burn Dave's Coarse Pellet Dust

    This gives me high hopes for my oval!
  12. Walchit

    Pickled Hungarian peppers

    I wanna get this cold smoker done so I can make some cheese! Im completely new to smoking, I have 3 cooks in so far on my char-griller premium kettle lol. I had some smoked cheese once that my buddy's dad got from someone. The smoked horseradish cheese was really good.
  13. Walchit

    Upper time limit for length of cold smoke?

    Whats pellet dust? I have the 12" oval tube. Havent completed the cold smoker yet though.
  14. Walchit

    Pickled Hungarian peppers

    Maybe I will remember this thread and just send you out a box of peppers then! Big maybe on the remembering part lol.
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