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  1. vegas_frak

    Rear-Facing Reverse-Flow Barbecue Trailer

    That is a very nice build sir!  I'm curious as to what type of insulation you used in the firebox, how much did the insulation cost, and can it be obtained at Lowe's or the like??
  2. vegas_frak

    Not sure where else to post this

    I have 4 of those white nylon or teflon cutting boards from Sam's club and I stupidly left them outside on my rusty trailer.  Does anyone have ideas on how to get rust stains off of them. I'll try to post a pic later but think expanded metal pattern in rust stain. I hate to toss them and buy...
  3. vegas_frak

    Hog Wild Festival - Mobile,AL (March 11th and 12th)

    I'll be there in semi-pro. Our team name is Double-M Smokin' Q.  My company G.A. West & Co., Inc. sponsors me.  Last year in backyard we placed 8th overall. Good luck this year maybe we can meet each other. If you make it by our tent I'll be the guy with the bodacious side burns..LOL Mark C
  4. vegas_frak

    New guy in Lower Alabama

    What part of lower bama are you in?? I'm in the northern part of Mobile County. We just competed in the Hog Wild Festival at the fairgrounds and came in 8th place! Glad to have you along!
  5. vegas_frak

    Hog Wild - Mobile, AL Mar 12-13

    Came in 8th overall - I have another thread going with more detail: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=90719
  6. vegas_frak

    First competition and came in 8th overall !!

    Sorry to keep adding things but I didn't think of this earlier. I will say that in my opinion that the butts and the brisket were the best I have ever cooked in my life. I think my partner has pics and I will post them too. We put them on at 8pm Fri night. 4 hrs later I put the brisket in a...
  7. vegas_frak

    First competition and came in 8th overall !!

    Bottom line to get in was $150 dollars and we spent about that in meat ($70 for a case of ribs and about $70 in butts and a brisket). We spent a lot more on other stuff we needed and we gave out sodas and water, etc. My employer sponsored me, but I am planning for the future in case he won't...
  8. vegas_frak

    First competition and came in 8th overall !!

    Pics to come soon as I get them off all the cameras......
  9. vegas_frak

    First competition and came in 8th overall !!

    I wanted to post this here so members and those who haven't decided to join or not could read it. Thanks this great bunch of folks I was able to make that walk to the stage in front of hundreds of pro, semi pro, and amateur BBQ teams yesterday and pick up an 8th place overall trophy! We...
  10. vegas_frak

    Hog Wild - Mobile, AL Mar 12-13

    I'm cooking in my first competition next weekend at the Hog Wild Festival in Mobile, AL. I'm uber excited and nervous all at the same time. Does anyone know where to get the cutting mats like I have seen the pros use on BBQ Pitmasters?? Pics from the event to come! Wish me luck boys and girls!
  11. vegas_frak

    Labor Day Rib Off against my brother

    So I'm posting this just to vent mostly. My brother and I decided to have a little rib competition Sunday in honor of Labor Day and also to celebrate his youngest's birthday. So he purchased 14 racks of baby backs and had me come over and pick up half. We each marinated or rubbed the night...
  12. vegas_frak

    Fatty taste question

    Hey another Mobile, AL smoker in the house!! That's awesome. Anyway I love to make the fatties, but my wife and family don't really care for the strong all sausage taste so I cut mine a lot of times half pork and half beef. I am going to attempt a half turkey half pork one tomorrow for Labor...
  13. vegas_frak

    Italian All-Meat Fattie

    I usually make the same style, but add some green olives, mozarella or provolone, and a dash of marinara sauce..... Just have to be careful to get it all in there and not have a blow out. Thanks for the post
  14. vegas_frak

    Smoked Chuckie Chimichangas w/ Q-view

    DANG DANG DANG that looks good........ Actually after looking at this thread about 4 more times I need to change my answer to " I hate you 'cause you didn't invite me over for dinner".
  15. vegas_frak

    Greeting From The Deep South

    Welcome to the forum! Us "Bama Boys" got to stick together and show them how its done.......
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