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  1. tiggyt

    Need a slam latch for a Stump Baby XL smoker

    Amazon has a few different one's as low as $10. Beware of the long ship time I ordered two last month they will be here next week.
  2. tiggyt

    120 gal RF smoker build .

    Nice wish I had a plasma just can't justify the expense
  3. tiggyt

    Side firebox vertical tank

    Honestly I just wing it i use use a 6x6x10 on my insulated smoker that is 36x30x48 and it flows great.
  4. Side firebox vertical tank

    Side firebox vertical tank

  5. IMG_3238.JPG


  6. tiggyt

    Side firebox vertical tank

    Center it on the top the shape of the tank is going to allow the smoke to flow smooth straight to the exhaust
  7. tiggyt

    Side firebox vertical tank

    The calculator dosent work on vertical builds 2-3" pipes have more surface area than 1-6" pipe. You would need 2-4" to equate the same. Judging a 60 gallon tank your not reducing heat spots by going from 1-6" to 2 separate exhaust by much. Pictures would help. I use single exhaust on all my...
  8. tiggyt

    bbq temperature gauge stem connection

    That's what I was thinking.
  9. tiggyt

    bbq temperature gauge stem connection

    Yep to pass through the doors
  10. tiggyt

    bbq temperature gauge stem connection

    Hello all I'm building a new insulated smoker and need gauges with at least 2" of stem connection to get through the doors. Does any one know where either can find some?
  11. tiggyt

    325 Gal Reverse flow

    Nice build I have the same trailer for my smoker
  12. tiggyt

    Stainless smoker build

    Lite a separate fire while you're cooking and burn the Moss off than use it in your smoker.
  13. tiggyt

    Building an Offset Vertical

    How big is your chimney?
  14. tiggyt

    Insulation for gravity smoker

    Lowes has roxul which is what I used works great.
  15. tiggyt

    Reverse flow vertical smoker

    What did you use for a gasket seal
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