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    Final Smoked Salmon with recipe, instructions, and Qview

    Thanks Bear. I' ll have to give it a try!
  2. smoothsmoker

    Final Smoked Salmon with recipe, instructions, and Qview

    Waiting for the results! Never tried tilapia before. I'm hoping it comes out good....so much cheaper than salmon.:popcorn
  3. smoothsmoker

    Illinois Group!

    Welcome! Good to have someone within 40 miles of me!
  4. smoothsmoker

    Just some sausage....

    They look great! I like the sausage po boy idea as well! Thanks S2!
  5. smoothsmoker

    SeenRed's --- Cilantro Lime Chicken w/ Q-View

    Love this forum! Great people, great ideas, great recipes!
  6. smoothsmoker

    Texan Jalapeno Sausage - Take 1

    They look great! How hot were they?  
  7. smoothsmoker

    First Time Whole Hog

    Vince, we would just keep it on the spit until time to serve. It was never that far away, maybe an hour or so. If you could wrap it in foil that would also help. Because the hog is split I would go to the 9AM start time. If it gets close to the IT early back off on the coals or turn down the...
  8. smoothsmoker

    First Time Whole Hog

    Vince, I have done a number of whole hogs but never flattened. We normally do a 200 pounder in a rotisserie pig roaster. We take garlic cloves and soak them in vegetable oil for a couple of days then the night before the roast we "dress" the pig. We slice into the pig and shove in the garlic...
  9. smoothsmoker

    Homemade Brats

    Nice job, looks like you have all the toys and the know how! Pineapple! Got to try it!
  10. smoothsmoker

    Chipolte Mojo Chuckies

    My mouth is watering!I like chipolte in adobo sauce, how is the flavor compared to that? Hotter? They look soooo good. The bark came out really nice. Jealous!
  11. smoothsmoker

    A variety of cheeses in MES 40 + AMNPS my first cold smoke ever

    Bugger, Those look great! How many different cheeses did you smoke?  Looks like the AMNPS worked perfect. I just bought one but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.Enjoy!  
  12. smoothsmoker

    Illinois Group!

    Welcome to the Club! It's a great forum. If your new to smoking like I am you'll learn everything you need to know and then some! Enjoy!
  13. smoothsmoker

    He's Loco,

    Man that looks sooooo good! My mouth is watering! Good job. I'm going to have to try that in the near future!
  14. smoothsmoker

    My first shot at sausage

    Wes great looking sausage! Well done! Hope when I make mine it'll turn out like that!
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