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    Maple Glaze for Salmon

    Proud parent note, just got a text from my son, who just turned 24 and has his own home for about a year and a half, asking me for his salmon recipe. I started using Dutch's maple glaze recipe years and years ago when my son was young, after the first time he owned it. He just bought a smoker...
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    Great thread! Spaghettios on buttered white bread. Butter & peanut butter bread dipped in potato soup. Miracle whip, am cheese, & mustard sandwich Can't find it any more but I used to like the pressed corned beef that you got at the deli, a couple slices of that on white bread with miracle...
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    Montgomery County representing!

    Hello all I've been around here for about 10 years, just saw we have a Pennsylvania Group so I had to stroll in and say hi.  I live in Upper Providence and got into smoking also 10 years ago.  My latest crush is my Weber kettle with the vortex.  Good to see PA people enjoying the craft!!
  4. shellbellc

    Hello "Smokies"

    Hey Kathy and Dale! Welcome! We have a nice group here that you'll be apt to learn a lot from. I'm from Royersford and work down in Malvern. We have a small group on here from the SE, PA and just across the bridge too. I've been smoking for awhile but also just bought a Masterbuilt from QVC...
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    Leatherneck Roll Call.... All Branches Welcome!

    Haha, gotta love inter-service rivalry! It is always there. I surprise a lot of Vietnam era and older Marines when they find out I am one also. Most assume that we are still just secretaries. I don't agree with all of the new MOS's that are opening for the females, but as far as harmful...
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    Jalapeno Jam - Jelly - Relish or whatever you want to call it!

    Hubby made it twice so far but used a bunch of different colored hot peppers so it looked like confetti, added no food coloring. Then second batch made with blackberries that was awesome over pork tenderloin and also over just a block of cream cheese! Your recipe looks similar.
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    Leatherneck Roll Call.... All Branches Welcome!

    Marines 87-91, 2531, 2533, & 8531. Parris Island, 29 Stumps, Oki, South Korea, Lejeune, Saudi, Kuwait. Yes, female, no not one of them that "screwed" up your couples dances on ships or subs, served my time honorably, earned the title Marine just like all of you. I'd gladly go out target...
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    Bacon tastes right but not getting any color after 15 hrs of smoking... What's up?

    Nice looking bacon!  I've already cold smoked mine for 48 hours before getting a good color change. 
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    Well,,,, He is COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy their time home!!! 
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    Bacon is done - belly and jowl BBB & belly and jowl Maple

    Yep got it from Kolb's.  Make sure you ask for it de-boned.  It was fairly easy to de-bone it though.  There is also a piece of maybe tendon or something in there, this was only our second set of jowls that we did so we are still learning. It was easier to spot it after they were cured up.  I...
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    Thanksgiving Tradition (hog butchering q-view)

    Great post!!! --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=40.183342,-75.529380
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    Bacon is done - belly and jowl BBB & belly and jowl Maple

    Thanks guys, the jowl bacon is the best, both in flavor and texture!  Last year I used a guanciale recipe from italy and used the jowls for that. Was great flavor but I chickened out when it came to letting it age by hanging in the cellar, so I smoked it up with the regular bacon. One taste and...
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    Bacon is done - belly and jowl BBB & belly and jowl Maple

    Finished our first bacon for 11/12 winter.  We got two bellies and two jowls from our butcher.  One set we did with the hi mountain buck board bacon and the second set we did with maple cure that we got from the sausage make website.  Cured for 10 days, rinsed and dried for a couple of hours. ...
  14. shellbellc

    BBB~ Difference between cold smoke and hot smoke??

    I cold smoke for up to 48 hours!  Just depends on how long until I get a good color change.
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