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  1. sbpaducah

    Soon to be pellethead in GA

    I am using my Vision karate style cooker.  Last year I purchased the DigiQ pit controller from BBQGurus and It WILL control the temp in a kamato style cooker.  It has a digital controller that you set to the temp you want and it has a fan that blows into the bottom vent.  When it gets close to...
  2. sbpaducah

    Soon to be pellethead in GA

    I recently purchased a Pit Boss 400 pellet smoker.  It was delivered and I put it together and seasoned it according to instructions. I have an Egg, and 2 MES 40's so I am not new to smokers.  My first experience was to set the control knob to 200.  It went to 550 degrees and then down to 170...
  3. sbpaducah

    Butt problems

    Thanks, I bought at 2 separate times. Each one was around 6-7 pounds. They were marked Boston butt roast. Does the roast designation mean different?
  4. sbpaducah

    Butt problems

    Last couple weeks I have cooked 2 butts that were cut in half, (small). Using my vision Kamado style cooker with lump and cherry, I injected and rubbed the meat and placed it in an alum pan at 250 degrees for 3 hours. I placed the butt in a clean alum pan with apple juice in bottom, covered...
  5. sbpaducah

    Pork shoulders W. Ky Style

    I have a Vision, Kamado style grill I have been experimenting with lately.  I have 2 MES 40's and haven't been impressed with the temp control these units have.  First of all, butts and shoulder in this area are $0.99 per pound.  I prepared my Vision and got temp up to 250 and placed the...
  6. sbpaducah

    Too much time?

    I seem to see different temps based on where the probe is.  What do you know about positioning the probe for inside temps?  Thanks
  7. sbpaducah

    Masterbuild XL Mods - Post your mods here!

    I have had 2 MB 40's for over a year and I still have the same problem with both of them.  Tell me, in the new ones, will the temp get up to set temp and hold it within 5-10 degrees of set or like both of mine that fluctuate 30 degrees on either side?  This means if you set the temp on 225 that...
  8. sbpaducah


    Thanks, good to be here!
  9. sbpaducah

    Too much time?

    My temp probe was at grill level.  My average is my estimate of where I saw the temps during the course of the night..........265 one time and 240 the next.  This is on a kamado style cooker and sometimes the temps fluctuate.  I took it off at approx. 174 and put it in the oven on 250 for 1 1/2...
  10. sbpaducah

    Foil Pans

    I have read in Jeff's newsletters that sometimes he puts butts, shoulders, loins, etc., in foil pans and places them in the cabinet.  Does anyone have any experience with using these pans.  I understand that they do not impede the smoke process but wonder if they would make any difference in the...
  11. sbpaducah

    Too much time?

    I sometimes do but I didn't this time.
  12. sbpaducah

    Chicken wings

    I would wrap in foil and put in cooler.
  13. sbpaducah

    Too much time?

    Thanks for response, I'm gonna try the higher heat on my next cook.
  14. sbpaducah

    Too much time?

    I think I agree with that 275 degree number but I am a little afraid that the higher heat may dry out the meat?  I have a neighbor that is on a cooking team and he swears by 225 but I'm thinking that is too low especially if you have an electric smoker that controls 15-25 degrees on either side...
  15. sbpaducah

    Easy way to clean window in MES 40

    I've seen all kinds of remedies but this one really works............I have 2 of these units and after a 20 hour butt cook, I can have the inside of the window completely clean in 10 minutes.  Simply go to Dollar Store and buy a $0.99 bottle of "Awesome".  Get some paper towels and spray side to...
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