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  1. sam3

    a couple of questions about sausage stuffers

    I have the LEM 11 lb vertical stuffer. Love it, never had a problem. Good luck with your search.
  2. sam3

    Bacon Sausage

    Might make a nice gift for the RV park ground crew. Everyone likes a clean site around their RV. 
  3. sam3

    Bacon Sausage

    It definitely has similar ingredients. Looks like a good start.
  4. sam3

    Not So Slim Jim Jackpot

    Looks real nice Chef.
  5. sam3

    Made DISCO's Chicken and Pork Brats

    Great job Reinhard!
  6. sam3

    Amish Bologna

    I agree. Let it sit in the refrig for a bit and the flavors will become more pronounced. Great job Adam. Welcome to the dark side. 
  7. sam3

    Boudin Boudin

    Great job, they look fantastic! 
  8. sam3

    Calling all sausage makers...Sausage binders. Why we use them and why we dont. Your thoughts and res

    The only time I use a binder is for summer sausage and Bologna. That's just my personal preference.
  9. sam3

    Easter Keilbasa..

    Thank you. Yea, I make that too. It's a mandatory staple at our Easter dinner. My parents were from Clifton and I was raised in Rockaway. There is still a large Polish community in Botany Village, Clifton.
  10. sam3

    Easter Keilbasa..

    Thanks Case! We are fortunate to have a large Polish community around Northern NJ. Many Polish deli's with all different kinds of Kielbasa.  This one I make is the most popular, so I try to mirror what I find in those deli's and what my grandfather used to make. It's pretty spot on.
  11. sam3

    Venison Boudin..

    Man, I haven't posted a cook in a while and was really looking to make something different. Getting tired of eating the same 'ol, same 'ol. So I decided to make Boudin, with Venison. BTW, I've never made Boudin before...  I started with this: 2.15 lb Venison Roast (from my NY buck this year)...
  12. sam3


    I think you did a good job Adam and there is a lot of really great info here as well.  I grind my own pork like the others do.  For Kielbasa, I will cut up the meat and fat separately. I grind the meat through the fine plate and the fat through the coarse plate. Add ingredients and mix well...
  13. sam3

    Boudin Project

    Looks great.  I found a recipe on the internet for these, I've never made them before. Nor have I ever had Boudin. It's not something I could ever find up north here. Going to give the recipe a try this weekend.
  14. sam3

    Boudin Project

    Any updates?
  15. sam3

    Dried Salami Sticks

    Not that bad Gary, you might need to add a little more water to the mix to help it out. I have a tall 11 lb vertical stuffer, so it's top heavy. I have to clamp it down real well to keep it secure while cranking. It's a bit of a PITA for me.
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