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    50% OFF Discount for Inkbird 1500 feet Wireless BBQ Thermometer with 4 probes-$37.50

    Count me in if the code is still valid.
  2. mlk18

    Meat from Costco?

    We have 5-6 meat lockers within a 25 mile radius. Way more if you increase that to 100 miles. They all pretty much exist to process locally grown farm animals and game animals. Which is great, as long as you don't want specific cuts of prime beef. Then it gets really expensive really quick.
  3. mlk18

    Meat from Costco?

    They recently built a Costco about 50 miles away from us. Currently we buy most of our meat from locally grown sources processed at local meat lockers. While some of it is actually much cheaper than you can find at grocery stores, not to mention better, some products like brisket and ribs can...
  4. mlk18

    Moonshiners Smoke Ring chicken

    This is not my recipe, but I found it somewhere online years ago and have been using it as my basic mop sauce every since. I am typing this from memory, but I am pretty sure this is dead on. 3/4 qt apple cider vinegar 1/4 qt apple juice 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp smoked paprika 1 tsp thyme 1...
  5. mlk18

    Culinary final meal.

    I was expecting someone to be on death row or something. :) Looks great, good luck!
  6. mlk18

    Bone in turkey breast help.

    Last summer I bought six boneless turkey breasts all around 6.5lbs. I cooked them two at a time, once a month, for three months. This was an experminet to decide how I was going to cook for house full of people on Thanksgiving. I brined the first two (48 hours), injected the second two (12 hours...
  7. mlk18

    My head is spinning! UDS vs WSM

    My head is no longer spinning. The purchase has been made. Thanks everyone for the feedback and advice, both in this thread and all over the forum. I went on a tour of grills/smokers. A buddy cooked me up some chops in a Camp Chef pellet grill, another one showed me his beloved Weber kettle, a...
  8. mlk18

    Thoughts on a Camp Chef SmokePro SE

    I have a Weber Genesis II 4 burner that I love and a local BBQ place that produces some amazing food. I had an MES for a few years but the build quality made 3rd string Chinese factory workers point and laugh. A part of me wants to jump into charcoal but I am inherently lazy on the weekends and...
  9. mlk18

    Thoughts on a Camp Chef SmokePro SE

    I have a buddy who owns a Camp Chef SmokePro SE and is going to be upgrading to a much newer Camp Chef with WiFi in a couple weeks. He is one of those guys who treats his property like it is irreplacable. When he showed me the SmokePro I asked him if he had ever even used the things, he replied...
  10. mlk18

    My head is spinning! UDS vs WSM

    Young, educated, smart, big income, and she's Swedish. Thank goodness she has poor decision making skills when it comes to men. I have watched so many video, read so many reviews, and spent so much time researching what to buy that at some point the internet should be paying me royalties...
  11. mlk18

    Pellets in the Great White North

    I do not. I gave it to my oldest boy who did just what you suggested and replaced the controller and did a few other mods. I am more of the just be mad and hate MB for the rest of my life sort of guys.
  12. mlk18

    Hot N’ Fast

    Nice. I definitely wouldn't skip dinner at your house to go to Arby's.
  13. mlk18

    Ahhhh Peep Peep Ahhhh Peep Peep

    Huh, I always thought smoking and peeps involved a green leafy substance. :emoji_wink:
  14. mlk18

    Pellets in the Great White North

    I am overthinking smokers to the extreme, so even though I am not sold on pellets - I am not automatically ruling them out either. My biggest concern is the electronics. I live where 30 degrees means you put the coat and gloves away and throw on some shorts. I started my smoking life with a...
  15. mlk18

    Finally dusted off the 26er and fired her up.

    Been there. Felt that. My condolences. Nice cook. Looks awesome.
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