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    Brinkmann Trailmaster MOD

    The deflector plates with the holes of decreasing density along the length of the plate are really cool and do the best job of giving you even heat, but there is no way for you to know in advance what specific design (length, diameter of holes, spacing of holes) is going to give you the best...
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    Brinkmann Trailmaster marked down 66% at Home Depot

    Of the Oklahoma Joe? You can see in the photo. Looked like @ 14 gauge to me.
  3. lovinspoonful

    Brinkmann Trailmaster marked down 66% at Home Depot

    Saw a few sitting out front today: Marked down 66% because they were mistakenly labeled as Oklahoma Joe Longhorn smokers. The true retail of the Brinkmann is $299 as I recall. But there were a few of those there as well. Based on the similarities and construction they are made at the same...
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    Who likes the McRib sandwich from McDonald's?

    OK I had my first McRib sandwich today at lunch. I'm sorry but I thought it was just about the most disgusting thing I've ever put in my mouth. It tasted like nothing more than bad BBQ sauce and pickles, and the "pork" itself had a bizarre, mushy consistency that was reminiscent of no food that...
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    Brinkmann Trailmaster LE

    I'm stumped. Mine runs 225 with the firebox vent open 1/4-1/3. That's at grate level. The Thermometer on the door runs 50 degrees high for me, so it's reading about 275.
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    Brinkmann Trailmaster LE

    I use lump and wood depending on my mood. But even with briquettes I've not had a problem getting it hot. So you're saying that if you open the ash pan, you can get up to higher temps? You are not closing the flu on the chimney are you? I'm not sure what to recommend, other than making sure that...
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    Rear-Facing Reverse-Flow Barbecue Trailer

    If you use that sword as a burner you'll have to change the writing on the pit to "Crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women!"
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    Solution to my temperature problem

    Just a couple of thoughts on getting even temps with wood. In my experience the key is getting a good bed of coals going, adjusting your air intake until you have your desired temperature, and then keeping your fire going by feeding it sticks at regular intervals. The word "stick" is important...
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    North Carolina BBQ Sauces

    Gosh, that's like asking for an authentic meatloaf recipe. Even in NC you're going to get almost as many recipes as there are are cooks. In the west they add tomato, in the east they don't. In it's purest form, traditional NC vinegar based bbq finishing sauce is something like this: 2 cups...
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    Cast Iron

    I collect old cast iron frying pans. If you're going to go with cast iron, I would definitely consider buying one of the older pans....from Griswold or Piqua or Wagner...for the simple fact that they are superior. Back in the 40's and earlier cast iron pans were made out of much higher grade...
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    Who likes the McRib sandwich from McDonald's?

    I only have steak when eating out if I'm at a real steakhouse, like Peter Luger's, or Prime, or one of the other good ones, and then only on business. I would never spend that kind of money on something I can cook fairly competently at home when there are a ton of similarly priced restaurants...
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    BBQ Guru

    It really comes down to your personal need for auto pilot or not. If you have an ornery pit that is difficult to keep stable, or you're just not very good at keeping it stable or you just can't be arsed with babysitting it then the guru might be exactly what you need and want. Certainly in some...
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    Lang firebox to close to ground over concrete?

    It will be fine over concrete. Over asphalt it may soften it a bit but it won't damage it.
  15. lovinspoonful

    Brinkmann Trailmaster LE

    Ceramic coated heat plates? Can you provide a link to what you're talking about? I keep meaning to put some bricks of some sort in mine to help with heat retention and would love to see what you used.
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