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    Pork ribs - not a lot of smoke flavor (cherry wood)

    I would leave it unwrapped for most of the cook.
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    Brisket on MES 30 time

    I do mine in a Gateway drum smoker at 275. Can cook a 15 lb brisket in 10-12 hours. I set the bark than wrap in bp until tender
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    Bluetooth thermometer

    I have a Fireboard 2 Drive. If you use a fan you don't need a cable and you can monitor up to 6 probes at a time using wi-fi. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT
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    Buying new pellet smoker

    Depending on your budget and how much you cook at a time I can give you two that I have used and owned, For a large cooker check out Smoke Daddy 1190. They also have an optional diffuser that allows you to add small logs to increase the smoke. Works great and I own this smoker. More space than...
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    When should I wrap brisket

    I agree with the other posters. Wrap when the bark is how you like it. Sometimes I wrap and sometimes leave it naked. Crank up the heat if the bark meets your satisfaction to get through the stall. Once I get the bark the way I want it I crank up the heat to 275. Remember every time you spritz...
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    Pork Butt - Challenge

    You are correct but low and slow is not the only way to get bark and break down of fibers. I can use my Gateway drum at 275 and get the same results. Most PBC will almost always cook in the 275-300 range. So yes temp matters but internal temp of the meat is more important the low and slow. I...
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    Pork Butt - Challenge

    I agree I t Malcolm Reed recipes are great
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    Pork Butt - Challenge

    Time and temperature do not matter. A good thermometer is crucial. Internal temp on bb should be around 203 degrees
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    First Smoked Brisket - A little Tough

    Agree Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper is all I use. I start at 250 until the bark sets and then move it up to 275 but I only use charcoal or logs for briskets. Cook to 203 IT. Sometimes I wrap and sometimes leave naked depending on the bark. Looking at your pictures did you cut against the...
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    First Smoked Brisket - A little Tough

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    Fat side up or down brisket

    I trim the fat cap down to 1/4 inch and place fat down . It doesn't matter what type of smoker I use.
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    Wild Fork Foods?

    I use them frequently. Always happy with the products and pricing. One feature that is nice is that you pick your delivery day and they ship it out for it to be delivered on that day. Only negative is they put a hold on your card for the maximum pounds of meat so if you buy to racks of ribs at...
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    SOS - My first attempt at smoking ended in disaster

    The problem was definitely the smoker. If you are going to have a small smoker you need to stay with small cuts of meat. I would suggest you buy a larger smoker in the future if you want to do packer briskets. also I do not use a water pan. I leave the meat naked with mopping until it reaches an...
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    To All Who Served Thank You

    The picture of the wife and baby says it all. All the marxist snowflakes need to leave our great country. Time to stand up and put down all these crazy ideas.
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