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  1. legerdemain

    Brining ribs

    Yeah, I had considered that possibility ... after I had already applied the rub. :lol: I'll try it differently next time.
  2. legerdemain

    A newbies moment of Truth is coming tomorrow!

    Not real familiar with electric models, is there a way you can increase the heat?
  3. legerdemain

    Rewards from the smoking Gods

    Nice meat. What's with the toilet seat on the back wall?
  4. legerdemain

    Rewards from the smoking Gods

    I could never get that lucky.
  5. legerdemain

    A newbies moment of Truth is coming tomorrow!

    I'm curious too, let us know what's up.
  6. legerdemain

    Brining ribs

    I had used brining on pork loins with fantastic results, so that's why I gave it a shot on the ribs today. They turned out pretty good. A little salty for my taste, but the meat was tender and flavorful (No pictures to post, unfortunately). My wife thought they were great (she's never said...
  7. legerdemain

    Brining ribs

    Nope, no enhancements.
  8. legerdemain


    Welcome aboard, Kenny. I'm just up I-94 from you in Sauk Rapids.
  9. legerdemain

    Brining ribs

    I'm trying this for the first time this weekend. I'm using 5 cups water, 4 cups apple cider with 1/4 cup kosher salt. I'm going to soak the ribs for 2-3 hours, then wipe them off and add the rub. The rub will set in overnight before smoking using the 3-2-1 method. Just wondering if anyone...
  10. legerdemain


  11. legerdemain

    New from Michigan

    Welcome to the board, Ryan. Wolverines or Spartans?
  12. legerdemain

    Smoked pork shoulder

    Bob - what size shoulders? bwsmith - Kaiser rolls work excellent as well. :D
  13. legerdemain

    New guy here saying hello!

    Yes, more people from Big Ten country! Welcome aboard, you're going to love it here.
  14. legerdemain

    Thanks to you!

    Looks fantastic, I can't wait to try my own beercan chicken.
  15. legerdemain

    Smoked pork shoulder

    Hey all! Below are pictures of the pork shoulder I smoked yesterday. It's the first smoke I've done since modifying my ECB, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you all so much for your help and advice! This was a 4.75 lb shoulder that I smoked for 7-1/2 hours using...
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