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  1. kenster56

    Come Back Every Day to Win! A-MAZE-N Products Thanksgiving Giveaway

    “If I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest, I plan to smoke Turkey And Ham for Thanksgiving.”
  2. kenster56

    Come Back Every Day to Win! A-MAZE-N Products Thanksgiving Giveaway

    “If I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest, I plan to smoke  a Ham for Thanksgiving.”
  3. kenster56

    Smokin Tex

    I have had my ST 1400 for two years and had the same issue you have with smoke coming out of the door. According to ST this is normal and should stop as you smoke more and develop a seal.
  4. kenster56

    Who owns a SmokinTex?

    I got my ST as a gift two years ago and I am very happy with the way the smoked food turns out. My issue is with the thermostat that comes with the unit. In the beginning it worked fine but just recently it will not get any higher that 235 deg. and will actually drop down to 190/195 deg. This is...
  5. kenster56

    SmokinTex 1400 owners out there?? Help me get TBS.

    I have a ST that I have had for about two years. There are only two holes in the unit. A small drain hole in the bottom for the juices and a hole in the top of the unit that the smoke comes out of. When you first break in the unit they tell you to place the enclosed wood chunk in it to season...
  6. kenster56

    What's your occupation?

    Worked 30 years for a Sheriff's Dept. Loving retirement and smokin.
  7. kenster56

    To Soak Or Not To Soak

    The only thing you will get from soaking your chips is a few more minutes of smoke. The chips are to thin/small to retain much water and it evaporates quickly. In my opinion it is a waste of time to soak them.
  8. kenster56

    If you live in Arizona...

    I live in Arizona (Scottsdale) and I buy all of my packer cut briskets from Frys. They always seem to have good prices.
  9. kenster56


    Your situation had me curious so I was looking around on the internet and found this. I don't know if it would help you but It's worth a try if nothing else works. Low flame, low temperature, yellow flame: This has become the biggest problem with many grills recently and is almost always...
  10. kenster56

    Disapointed in this injector

    I use the Bayou Classic. It is stainless steel and comes with two different injection needles. It will also hold 2 ounces of seasoning in the main body. Has worked great for me.
  11. kenster56

    New to the forum.

    Hello,  My name is Ken. I am from Scottsdale Arizona. I purchased a Smokin Tex 1400 Electric Smoker after I retired and am happy that I did. So far I have smoked briscuit, pork butt, baby back ribs (they didn't turn out so good, I added to much smoke), Whole chicken and cold smoked cheese...
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