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  1. JZ_Focus

    Disposable aluminum tray for MES 40"?

    BJ's Wholesale club, 30 pack is $6.97 for the half size steam table trays.
  2. JZ_Focus

    Disposable aluminum tray for MES 40"?

    I buy the big packs of them at BJ's wholesale club. Don't recall what I paid, but they were pretty cheap. And they make clean up so much easier!
  3. JZ_Focus

    Carpenter Bee Traps (UPGRADED)

    I didn't do a physical count, but I did catch a bunch. Also made traps for some neighbors that were seeing a lot of them. Of course I built the new stand for my smoker out of wood entirely, but didn't think to put a trap on it and they started to chew on that instead. I'll be more prepared...
  4. JZ_Focus

    Cold smoked bacon - Smoke times?

    I typically cold smoke my bacon for about 10-12 hours. I use apple wood pellets in an amazn tray which i have in a mailbox below my MES30.
  5. JZ_Focus

    Spicy corn dip

    Time for a little resurrection! I had to dig for this one again, but it's worth it. If you haven't made this yet, you definitely should!
  6. JZ_Focus

    First Attempt at ABT's - Successful!

    I spoon filled this time which is a bit messy. I plan on piping them mix in next time though just to speed up the process a bit. I've used the piping with a ziplock bag method when stuffing pasta in the past, I just wasn't thinking when I made these last week.
  7. JZ_Focus

    First Attempt at ABT's - Successful!

    Thanks for all the kind words. I'm starting another batch this weekend for my nephews college graduation party. I found these so easy to make the first time around that I'm already thinking of some other variations that I want to try. I'm thinking of a cream cheese, cheddar, blue crab & old...
  8. JZ_Focus

    First Attempt at ABT's - Successful!

    So I have a graduation party I'm going to next weekend, and want to make something that I know no one else is bringing. I figured I'd use this weekend to do a test run on some ABT's. Used a mix of 8oz. cream cheese & 1 cup of shredded cheddar with 1 tsp. chili powder. Halved my peppers and...
  9. JZ_Focus

    Rain Shelter

    This is what I ended up building for mine a few weeks ago. I still have a bit to finish as the right side is still open, but I ran out of lumber before I got that side closed, and it rains every time I have time to work on it. 7' tall in the front so that I have no problem standing under it...
  10. JZ_Focus

    Smoker Stand

    I recently built this stand for my smoker. I still have a few things to do before it's finished, like closing in the right side, and putting some roofing material on it. Once my daughters track season is over, and the weather cooperates, I should be able to finish it all in an afternoon. I...
  11. JZ_Focus

    PID sale?

    Totally worth the money to get the Auber. I had a a hard time too with the initial cost, but at that time my options were get a new smoker, or buy the auber and upgrade my existing unit. Overall the auber is cheaper than a new masterbuilt smoker, and the auber make controlling the temp so much...
  12. JZ_Focus

    Bacon rub ideas

    I use tender quick for my cure, but then I add a Black Forrest spice blend I found online & Maple Sugar for flavoring. Black Forest Spice Mixture: 125gm White pepper 25gm Ground nutmeg 25gm Ground mace 15gm Ground cardamom 200gm White sugar Mix thoroughly, then store in an opaque jar out in a...
  13. JZ_Focus

    Makin Bacon in warmer months ?

    I understand completely. I actually had 2 batches this size to do. I just ended up doing half on saturday and the other half on sunday. THe only issue I had with that was, I don't like to leave the house while I have anything in the smoker. Even when I cold smoke, I like to stick around just...
  14. JZ_Focus

    Makin Bacon in warmer months ?

    Here was the last batch I smoked right as I put it in the MES30 to give you the idea of how much space I have between slabs.
  15. JZ_Focus

    Makin Bacon in warmer months ?

    I've done up to 14lbs in my MES30 at a time. That works out to be 4 slabs spread across 4 racks. The smoke seams to flow nicely through the cabinet for me as I use the mailbox mod for my amazn tray. Color always turns out very well, and the smokiness has never been too much when I run up to...
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