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  1. jojo22

    Dumb question

    I would think, and this is just a thought, that if you made the thicker part "shorter" than the thinner part it would make them be done closer to time, and you are reducing the amount of meat from the outside to the center. But hey that's just my two copper circles worth
  2. jojo22

    Smoker rental near Kalamazoo MI??

    Yeah, I tried Yahoo, but thank you for the suggestion Captain Obvious!! I found a few "roasters" but no smokers, so my SECOND step was to come here and ask!!  Have a great day! Joe
  3. jojo22

    Smoker rental near Kalamazoo MI??

    I'm looking for an actual smoker, not sure how happy they would be if I returned that covered in smoke!!
  4. jojo22

    Smoker rental near Kalamazoo MI??

    I'm spending a week in Kalamazoo this June for the UKC Premier dog show. Normally for large smokes I borrow my friends tow behind and go at it. However I will have a trailer full of dogs behind me, so I need to find a smoker. I thought about an ECB, BUT that will not cook nearly enough, and I'd...
  5. jojo22

    Need Assistance- New Smoker wont Smoke!!

    Try using the chips dry!
  6. jojo22

    Whole Doe

    I've been cutting up deer since I was about 11, and I have had them hung for weeks and cut fresh. I like gamier deer, so I like it fresh, hanging does (by all science in my taste buds) tame it down a bit. However I must ask, how do you know what works best for you if you haven't tried both...
  7. jojo22

    Favorite cheese for smoking

    I would say, that aged swiss and pepper jack are tied, my wife however is nuts over cheddar!
  8. jojo22

    1st attempt at smoking

    I also have a char griller!! I usually burn a few sticks with the SFB open to make a coal bed. Then I keep it pretty full and just let it smolder and slowly burn as it goes, I always position my smoker with the inlet facing the wind. Other than that practice nothing else I can give you, maybe...
  9. jojo22

    2nd time smoking ribs same problems

    Yep, only thing the exhaust vent is good for is keeping the weather out of your smoker when you are not using it. And don't close it until the smoker has cooled, creosote can build up over time!
  10. jojo22

    1st attempt at smoking

    Oh yeah, I wanted to add, stay away from sugars (brown sugar, honey, things like that) until you have a fairly good handle on a steady temperature, one good spike will burn them up and give you a not so great slab of meat!
  11. jojo22

    1st attempt at smoking

    ellymae is dead on, this is your first but WILL NOT be the last time you smoke something you think will be great and it's OK. I prefer to tell people to start VERY simple, and build from there.  Smoke a rack with no rub, use a little apple cider vinegar and water to baste, taste them, to much...
  12. jojo22

    2nd time smoking ribs same problems

    I may be crucified here, but I have always since the very start simply used stick as fuel in my SFB, easy to find (I generally cut my own, check CL tons of adds for wood), let it season fro most the year and smoke with it, or I steal (to read its given) some from my friend. But I never really...
  13. jojo22

    Beef Bacon

    Guess we'll add this to our list of things to make!!
  14. jojo22

    Beef Bacon

    Anyone care to share how you get the ground meat to stay together like that??
  15. jojo22

    51.5 pounds of pork belly

    I thought the maple flavor was added in the smoke, how do you add maple to the cure??
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