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  1. johnyd

    Pre cubed

    OK good to know, I might Vacuum seal it in gift sized portions then. Its been in the smoker for 5 hrs now.......
  2. johnyd

    Pre cubed

    Ok folks, its been awhile since I visited here and this may have come up before. I am looking to do some smoked cheese and salami platters for gifts. I was wondering about cubeing the cheese into 1/2 to 3/4 inch squares before I smoke it..... that way I reckon there will be a lot more color /...
  3. johnyd

    Recent Dry Cure Salami

    DaveOmark Thanks for the reference to B L C 007 I will have to see if I can find anything here in NZ that represents it. It may go a long way to helping with my current fermenting problem. Generally I use the "hang in the shed on a stick" principle, and it has worked fine for me over the last...
  4. johnyd

    A Great Man Has Passed Away

    What a tribute to the man that there is many pages here dedicated to his memory, On the day he passed I was having my own life battle but managed to turn left and pass go on the op table. Gary welcomed me to this board as well, always had sage comments and obviously will be sadly missed. ...
  5. johnyd

    I'm gutted!!

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and support. Yep its all about priorities right now.
  6. johnyd

    I'm gutted!!

    Just started to really get into this sausage craze, have enjoyed it for the last year and learned a lot from here. Everyone raves about my fermented salami's and I get a real kick out of sharing it all with folks, and eating it myself. All that has come to a screaming halt as I have been...
  7. johnyd

    Did Y'all Miss Me

    Not only do I love the great work you do but also the uniformity of your sausages et al is outstanding and something to aspire to!!
  8. johnyd

    Crumbly salami

    Thanks Martin, everything I have read about GDL says it is an enhancer not a substitute, but i guess time will tell. I originally added it as another means to have a safer product as most info points to this with it lowering Ph quickly. it may have been a combination of things that lead to the...
  9. johnyd

    Crumbly salami

    I do stick to the same recipe mostly DDF but the GDL is a new addition .....it was only from going over my notes i remembered to mention it  I could not find a lot of info about it but used it at the rate of 5 grams per kilo ( about a 1/2 t spoon per pound )  If the same happens to the new...
  10. johnyd

    Crumbly salami

    All good theories guys, It was frozen meat that was used but then it usually is at my place. But as to freezer burn, jury out still. I vacuum seal and date all my meat that I "process" ie buy pork butt and debone then mince. I used cold water during the binding process while it was mixed and...
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