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    Salt question

    In in a similar situation with my wife and have experimented with NU-salt in sausages I make. I have found that I can replace about 1/3 of table salt with NU salt, any more than that leaves a metallic taste. As far as a cheaper source of NU salt, it’s just potassium chloride with a bit...
  2. Jimbo9414

    Detroit Style

    Nice job! Do you have access to brick cheese?
  3. Jimbo9414

    Winco Choice Grade Beef Rib Roasts $4.98/lb

    I used to live in Norcal....man, do I miss Winco, especially the bulk bin area.
  4. Jimbo9414

    Pizza dough hydration levels

    I’ve found lots of great recipes and advice on a forum called pizzamaking,com...check it out. I agree, on your flour choice, KA has the best flour in the US. When I built my wood burning oven I tried some imported 00 flour with awesome results, but you need to have high temps when working with...
  5. Jimbo9414

    New Guy from Colorado

    Welcome from Colorado Spring, CO.
  6. Jimbo9414

    Brisket burgers

    I love brisket burgers! During the pandemic meat shortages I could only find flats. I bought a flat and ground with some pork fat...very delicious and juicy.
  7. Jimbo9414

    New girl here

    Pretty good advice already given here, but here's my .02 cents. Try to stay away from volumetric recipes if you want consistent results and avoid mistakes....for example, salt in sausage is usually 1.8% of ground meat, which translates into 18 grams of salt per kilo....most importantly, don't...
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    Detroit Pizza question

    I have family in Detroit and would there almost every summer as a kid. The didn't call it detroit style pizza, just pizza. Lol. And we ate alot of it. Of all the recipes I have tried, chef Kenji J.Lopez at seriouseats.com is on point. The hard part is getting brick cheese which is authentic...
  9. Jimbo9414

    Schnitzel night

    Sure....season the flour well....in my egg dip i use one tablespoon of milk or cream per egg and a pinch of salt.....I make my own breadcrumbs. Once I tried that I never went back to store bought.
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    Schnitzel night

    Thats how I make them.
  11. Jimbo9414

    Oktoberfest Brats

    I've been using this recipe for years and I can say it's on point with the ones I had in Germany. If you use the malt powder, which I highly recommend, get the diastatic malt powder.....another tip i learned from my grandfather, who owned a butchershop/bakery in Germany, is to freeze the...
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    Pita bread with pocket - ready to stuff with whatever you wish

    Thanks for sharing! I made these and they came out absolutely perfect. Took me back to my travels throughout the mid east. Made them for doner kebabs.
  13. Jimbo9414


    Thanks for sharing...Im definitely going to try this. I’m going to add an extra step by tossing the finished slices on a flat top to carmelize a bit for an extra layer of flavor.
  14. Jimbo9414

    Black Forrest Stick Time

  15. Jimbo9414

    Empty store shelves...

    I'm in Colorado and the stores here are rationing TP, cleaning supplies, bread, and milk.
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