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  1. jim1900

    model ET 732 redi check

    might have been the probe. after i sent this i pushed in and moved it around an within 10 min it came on with a temp showing temp so far so good hope it keeps up thanks for the help
  2. jim1900

    model ET 732 redi check

            sitting up my thermometer i got it to register in smoker but with the meat probe in all i see is HHH ANY I IDEAS  need help and i see nothing in the instructions
  3. jim1900

    Curing loin question for canadian bacon question

        After pork loin for candian bacon is  cured how long does it take in frig to get sticke feeling before i smoke it been in cure for 8 days  thanks
  4. jim1900

    pork butt

    how much time at 225 am i looking at to do pork butt  in the 4 pd range at 30 degrees outside thanks
  5. jim1900

    Pork Shots (Spicy Pork Caramel Candy (The Ultimate Panty Dropper))

    thanks for the starter of the kelbasa bacon receipe just a few add ons thanks jim
  6. jim1900

    Sunday ribs yummm

    joel did a good job and they taste super thanks to him  had alot of fun making the and  eating the samples
  7. jim1900

    Sunday ribs yummm

     the kelbasa bacon wraps have in them brown sugar onion powder ,garlic powder, cinnammon , and of course a little red pepper
  8. jim1900

    Sunday ribs yummm

       did ribs with the pellet smoker turned out great along with kelbasa bacon wraps
  9. 100_0225.jpg


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  11. jim1900

    Todds pellet smoker

           Thanks Dave i just tried it an it just fits  thanks for your help jim
  12. jim1900

    Todds pellet smoker

             I am planning on smoking ribs sunday suppose to be warm 36 . My daughter got me a 6x8 pellet smoker for christmas and wondering where to place in my in mes 30 all hints helpfull thanks jim
  13. jim1900

    Hello from Iowa

    I live west of FORT DODGE 15 miles an have had 1 mes that i burnt out the coil and they sent me a new mes 30 . so reworked the old one so now have 2 they both work great and plan on doing chickens this weekend an stuffed peppers have fun  keep on SMOKING
  14. jim1900


            Has anyone ever tried or used COOKIES BBQ SAUCE MADE IN WALL LAKE,, IOWA several different flavors and seasonings
  15. jim1900

    First baby backs - Q View

    Great job they look very mouth watering know i should think about dinner
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