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  1. jim n iowa

    beef boneless ribs

    Thanks for the fast reply Earl. I will start this project pronto. Jim
  2. jim n iowa

    beef boneless ribs

    I am new to this board, lurked for a while, and came OUT. I have a Brinkmann vertical smoker (all in one) I converted it to nat. gas. My ? is we picked up some beef boneless ribs at Costco to day and thought "lets smoke em" What to do till you get it down. My jerky is done at half throttle in 3...
  3. jim n iowa

    making jerky

    My first try with my NEW Brinkmann All In One (converted to nat gas) was terrible. I now know why I got a $180 smoker for $89.99. The temp gage is way off, the holes for the holding brackets are hap hazard ( not level or square) and the lid has a poor fit. I have had one before that became...
  4. jim n iowa

    Knives and Slicers

    Monty What brand of slicer do recommend? Never had one but my hand slicing is not consistent.
  5. jim n iowa

    New Smoker

    I just picked up my Brinkmann All N One from Northern Tool for $89 plus tax, thats less than half the cost of my first one which was not cared for when I became single again. Wife and I Q all year on our deck so the Brinkmann will be used for smoking and the Weber takes care of the rest. I am...
  6. jim n iowa


    Thanks for the reply's, I am off to the meat market. Jim
  7. jim n iowa


    Here in central Iowa the jerky is high priced for the commercial variety, and very little flavor for my tastes. I could buy a top sirloin at the "got-to sell-it-now" selection cheaper than a flank. What are good roasts for jerky?. Jim
  8. jim n iowa


    When I became single again I returned to smoking FOOD. Jerky has always been a favorite and I used flank meat. It has increased in cost quite a bit over the years. A meat we used to use cooking down on the boarder hunting the white wing, was "skirt meat". At that time it was the cheapest form of...
  9. jim n iowa

    Converted ECB

    I have a old Brinkmann lp that I converted to natural gas. You should have no need to vent it as the smoke (exhaust) will escape around the lid. Jim
  10. jim n iowa

    Hello Board

    I have been smoking turkey and jerky ever since the 1st showed me the door. Now re-established and ready to start smoking that meat again. When we bought our home 8 years ago we had natural gas installed for the dryer and range. It seemed like the time to have gas installed on the deck. We...
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