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jim n iowa

Original poster
May 31, 2006
When I became single again I returned to smoking FOOD. Jerky has always been a favorite and I used flank meat. It has increased in cost quite a bit over the years. A meat we used to use cooking down on the boarder hunting the white wing, was "skirt meat". At that time it was the cheapest form of beef any where in this country. I no longer can find it in local stores, as the Asian restaurants, and sports bars are using it as "Philly Sandwich's" So my ? is has any one tried it for jerky? It becomes very "chewy" when it cools down. Its the lining of the belly, and there is a inside skirt, and a outside skirt. Any butchers on board?
we still get flank and skirt meat in Louisiana, but they ain't cheap. Everyone down here uses them for fajitas.
Here in central Iowa the jerky is high priced for the commercial variety, and very little flavor for my tastes. I could buy a top sirloin at the "got-to sell-it-now" selection cheaper than a flank. What are good roasts for jerky?.
Jim-sorry I missed this post yesterday. I used to be a butcher and still help out a friend in his shop every twice and again just to keep my skills honed.

Bottom Round Roast, Sirloin Tip Roast and any of the Rump Roast are good as these cuts are quite lean. They all have an outer layer of fat on them but once trim away and the silver skin trimmed off, it all lean.
Skirt was 4.99# in todays ad.

I say, lets chip in and buy a cow and a pig.

The we can have Earl use his butchering skills on them

Dibs on the briskets!!
I might be easy but I ain't cheap!!! :P
im not sure what meat costs else where but i usually use bottom round from Sam's Club cause its only $2.44 per lb. it usually comes in a 5 to 6 lb roast. the last time i looked at flank steak it was like 5-6 dollars a lb. to much for my cheepness.

i have thought about looking at other cuts of meats to see how the textures and flavors would change, but its hard to get past the price. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.