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  1. jay porter

    Help!!! New smoker needed

    My 2nd masterbuilt electric (one analog and one digital) in 6 years has taken a dump and I need a new smoker. This is the 2nd time that the smoker has lost its ground. It trips the ground fault when its plugged in correctly, and shocks the shit out of me when I bypass the ground fault. I want to...
  2. jay porter

    Mini fatties... Thoughts?

    I've been asked to make some ABT's for a football party tomorrow, and I figure as long as the smoker's hot, I'll try a few different things out. I've been toying with the idea of a single serving sized fatty. A small handful of sausage, stuffed with a cream cheese, jalapeno, and cheddar mixture...
  3. jay porter

    Fatty- Strike 2

    I roll mine in plastic wrap very tight. Once it's rolled up, I grab the ends of the wrap and keep rolling, forcing the sausage together at the ends and at any gaps in the meat. Then the roll goes in the fridge while I prep my bacon weave. After the weave is done, unroll the plastic, place the...
  4. jay porter

    Smoking wings. Does brine time matter?

    Last week I smoked 3 pounds of split wings for the tailgate party. I had the wings a few days early and decided to throw them in a simple brine of salt, garlic, and dill. After 48 hours in the brine, they got 2.5 hours of smoke, then a few minutes under the broiler to crisp the skin. They were...
  5. jay porter

    Brined checked legs

    Since I forgot he obligatory after picture yesterday when I pulled them off the smoker, here's what lunch will look like this week. Juicy, smokey, and just the right amount of seasoning from the garlic and black pepper.
  6. image.jpeg


  7. jay porter

    Brined checked legs

    Sometimes if I want a little spice I'll add dry rub after they come out of the brine. Unfortunately I'm the only one in the house that likes spicy, so this batch will have to do without. The garlic and black pepper in the brine flavor the drumsticks pretty well on their own.
  8. jay porter

    Brined checked legs

    24 hours later. No dry rub, straight to the smoker for a couple hours at 225 on applewood.
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  11. jay porter

    Brined checked legs

    I usually shoot for 24 hours with poultry for no other reason but habit. I do the same with pork tenderloin. I may have try a shorter brine time for comparison.
  12. jay porter

    Brined checked legs

    15 chicken legs going in the brine bucket to be smoked tomorrow afternoon. For poultry, I go for simplicity. 2 cups of water, a quarter cup of salt, a clove of garlic, 2 tablespoons of honey, and a couple grinds of coarse black pepper. To be continued...
  13. Brined checked legs

    Brined checked legs

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  15. jay porter

    First roast beef on the MES

    Yes they do! The foil works in a pinch, but I like the pans much better.
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